Tony Parker cheated on Eva?

  1. Here is what the text says:

    French top model Alexandra Paressant tells X17online exclusively that she had an affair with Mr. Eva Longoria!

    Paressant (ex-girlfriend of soccer god Ronaldinho) tells X17 the two carried on a secret relationship for about two months and this was AFTER Eva and Tony's big wedding -- in fact, Alex and Tony MET AT EVA AND TONY'S WEDDING!!!

    According to Alex, she and Tony were introduced by superstar French soccer player Thierry Henry at the huge July 7 nuptials last summer. They exchanged phone calls for a couple months and then saw each other in Paris at the end of September (while Tony was in town to receive the Legion of Honor) and in San Antonio in October.

    Alex has given X17online samples of what she says are text messages with Tony exchanged at the end of September, just after the two slept together, Alex claims, at the Park Hyatt (where Eva and Tony and their wedding party stayed!).

    Stay tuned because we'll bring you those text messages and many, many more details ...

  2. The comments following the story are :wacko: ...
  3. Yeah I never believe stuff like this until the person says it themselves...or their rep.
  4. who knows???
  5. Hope it's not true...
  6. Being who they both are there are bound to be rumors.
    I wish them both happiness and a long relationship.
  7. oh yeah right!! that man looks like an elf.
  8. this is aweful if its true..but why she coming forward saying this?? its really f*ed up but i guess she wants attention??
  9. I think she's doing it for attention...
  10. If it's true, I am not surprised.
  11. Wow a sports star cheating on their wife. Shocking.
  12. Really hope its not true. Gosh, if it is tho what sort of woman targets a groom on his wedding day and then boasts about it!!

    She will get attention alright, but not any that's wanted thats for sure.
  13. ok, go and tell the world about it if that makes you feel better?:supacool:

    Poor Eva if its true, reminds me of her wedding scene in desperate housewives where her character made out with his ex husband before the wedding.
  14. Homewrecker! What a press ho. Sorry, but it's just way too obvious she was just using the whole situation to further her career. LAME.