Tons of YSL new arrivals on bluefly!

  1. Different muses, rive gauche, and downtowns! Good luck ladies!!!!! Keep refreshing, they pop in and out.... I am going to try not to be tempted....
  2. I was tempted and purchased Ivory Medium Muse over the weekend. I'm happy it was a great buy!
  3. Me too, I purchased the black medium muse on Sunday. Waiting impatiently now!!:yahoo:
  4. how much were the muses?
  5. Shoptfs, the medium one was $956 and the larges are $1116 I believe. If you can find a discount code from Deals & Steals, it helps even more!
  6. The medium was $856 and I got an additional 15% off with the discount code.
  7. are there any doubts on authenticity? i heard bluefly have sold fakes before.
  8. i have purchased many things from bluefly (including several ysl bags, all authentic). but depending on where bluefly gets their stuff from (and it's very unclear), it's not impossible to get a fake (but this can happen even at reputable department stores -- i have heard of people buying fake balenciagas at Neiman Marcus). so, there is no substitute for a sharp eye and doing your homework. the nice thing about bluefly, as opposed to eBay for example, is if you do get a fake you can return it, no questions asked.

    back on topic, i scored an ivory downtown (the one with the front pocket) and a muse wallet. what's weird is the last email i received was last wednesday telling me that my order had been sent to the warehouse, nothing since. has anyone else who has placed an order with bluefly in the last week either received their item or an email confirming shipment?
  9. kicksarefotwids, I also bought an ivory medium Muse last weekend. As of July 23, my order is still at the warehouse. This is my first buy from Bluefly. I was wondering why does it take them so long to ship my order?
  10. so i just spoke with a gf who actually got through to bluefly customer service (she was on hold 4EVER!) and the rep told her that they are moving the warehouse, hence the delay. it's nice to know that there isn't something wrong with my order, but they could have warned people! this is one negative about bluefly -- their customer service isn't the best (although one time, i was able to convince a rep to apply a 20% off promo code even though i had used it before). fingers and toes crossed pinkbabydoll that our lovely ivory bags will arrive before summer is over!
  11. My friend told me about a 15% discount. kicksarefotwids, do you think I should call Bluefly customer service to ask them to apply against my current order?

    Ah, I want my love ivory bag NOW!! :rolleyes:

    Let me know once you receive yours!
  12. Thanks for the update, my order was still showing as in the warehouse too. Now I know nothing is wrong with my Muse (hopefully).
  13. I ordered my medium ivory muse on the 18th, it was shipped on the 19th and I received it on 20th. DHL 2nd day service.
  14. YES
  15. but did you request 2nd day service? i didn't -- i only requested standard (and in bluefly parlance, this means they also process the order a little slower). the last time i checked (last night), express delivery isn't currently available, only standard (probably because of the move).