Tons of stuff 30% or 50% off at Century 21

  1. I stopped by the Century 21 in Manhattan today. There were tons of racks on sale, including a lot of the designer denim. I saw a pair of 7 jeans in bootcut for $50 in size 24!! A little too tight for me :push:

    Go!! You never know what you might find.

    These are the ones I tried on.. Bootcut in Medium New York
  2. 50$ is really cheap for seven.....

    is century21 cheep or is the economy in the craps? I've never seen these type of jeans (not seven but the style and color as well) at this kind of price.
  3. I saw a quite a few people with centur bags yesterday... I guess it must be a good sale. I'll stop by today
  4. Wow that is a great deal for SFAM, too bad I don't live in Brooklyn anymore..the commute in from Long Island is a PITA! I'll try to go to the one here. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. i was there a few days ago and was going to post it on TPF too. there were also mxmj dresses for $80, TR cords for $30, jbrand jeans for $35. it takes a looong time to dig through the racks though.
  6. anything decent in the high end section? I managed to get Pucci pants for $25 last year, heh.