Tons of stock at NM Beverly Hills arrived today 8/3

  1. I was just at NM Beverly Hills pick up my Pearl Reissue and TONS :wtf:of stock was arriving...the counters were covered with high you could not see over the top of all the boxes...and then the delivery / stock guy brought another huge load in by dolly. I couldn't pay attention there were so many boxes around me (heaven)...I can't begin to name everything that came in ....but if you are looking for anything call. You can ask for Janine. 310 550 5900 x 2231
  2. I would love to be there while they are unloading the boxes. Talk about Chanel heaven!
  3. I would love to work at Chanel part time ... LOL
  4. ^OMG, me too! :drinkup:
  5. TRUST me .... you wouldn't hahhah

    I worked Part time in a clothing store that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED :heart:---- thought it would be great to make a little extra $$ just to support my shopping habit there... plus the discount!!:graucho:

    UMMMMM turns out... much to my DH's dismay......:lecture:

    :angel:I just can't imagine WHY??!!:shrugs:
  6. ^^^
    That would SO be me. I've thought about it several times but I know I'd end up paying them to work there!
  7. Do you know if they will ship stuff out to another state if they have what I am looking for?
  8. ^^ Yesany boutique will ship right to your home!
  9. Ok YOU have willpower. I would have been there helping them unpack like it was Christmas morning. :yahoo:
  10. Yes, I am sure they will - ask for Janine - she is very sweet.
  11. LOL!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: You are too funny I am laughing my @$& off over here. I can just see you with paper everywhere!:nuts:

  12. I would have pulled up a chair and :popcorn:
  13. See any cabas????:graucho: