Tons of sale items at Charlotte NM

  1. I was there yesterday and there was an entire wall of sale items. I'll do my best to describe:

    -Brown Cambon reporter

    -about 4 different Doctor bag looking purses. Flat brown leathers.

    -Pocket in the city totes- about 3 or 4 in dark colors

    -I think the outdoor ligne- textured leather with CC emblems. There were several bags in different shapes and sizes. I remember at least 2 hobos one which was white. A small wallet/coin purse type thing. It was rectangular.

    -A small blue lambskin makeup case/wallet type thingy.

    -2 naked flaps silver and gold.

    -2 madamoselle (yikes, I don't know how to spell that:confused1:) bags. Looked liked smaller totes in black.

    Ask for Natasha 704-442-7900 and tell her Melissa sent you!
  2. Thanks for sharing~~
  3. THx for sharing!!! Do you recall the price of the brown reporter and was it the dark brown ??

    Also, I recall someone looking for a white outdoor hobo so hopefully they'll see your post! I can't recall who was looking for it.
  4. That is the NM closet to me. Thanks for the tip on Natasha. I spoke to someone there on the phone the other day and she was a bit clueless!!!
  5. Thanks for the info. Sounds like there are some great items there.
  6. thanks so much for the info!
  7. Yes, it is dark brown with brown patent CC's. I believe the price is $2300'ish.
  8. ^^TY! :flowers:
  9. Do you know how much for brown cambon reporter? TIA :p
  10. I believe it was $2300'ish down from the $3400 range.
  11. :ty:

  12. Does this mean you purchased it??:tup:
  13. Pocket In The City on sale? I wonder if it was under $3000....
  14. Hi! I'm in Chapel Hill. Thanks for the info on the sale bags. I called there the other day to inquire and the man that answered the phone was absolutely clueless. I called back later and he was still there. I finally talked to someone else (I think Natasha) and she was very helpful.
    While you were there, did you notice if they had any silver bags or wallets? I'm really wanting a good silver bag probably smaller in size so that I can wear it when I go out. I'm thinking maybe a pouchette or a larger wallet that could be used as a clutch...
  15. I didn't see any silver bags or accessories, sorry:crybaby:I only say 3 wallet type items- the blue make-up type case, the brown outdoor change purse/cc holder and another really cute black lambskin wallet. It was unstructured, long with diamond stitch on the flap part and the lock that's on the re-issue- but she was in the process ringing it up to send to another store when I walked in.