Tons of Rock & Republic for $79-99 at Filene's Basement Washington, DC Mazza Gallerie

  1. My sister was just there and she said they had many styles (including the Victoria Beckhma crown) and sizes.
  2. what's going on with R&R? There seems to be a lot flooding the discount stores. Including Century 21 in NYC.
  3. That's good for us! I'm not going to complain! :smile:
  4. I found some at a discount store here in Tennessee for $79.00 a pair a few months ago, and they even had the $220.00 Bloomies tags still attached and I bought a pair and researched them and took them to Bloomies in Atlanta to compare and they were FAKE!! So beware! They were the Victoria Beckham with the blue crown on the back pockets. I was apprehensive about them to begin with and thought that they felt a little "gimpy" for $200.00 jeans....luckily, I got a refund.
  5. god what is up with these deals, and me not being near them!!!
    Im definantely going to take a trip sometime this weekend, thanks for letting us know about this..
  6. Marshalls has it for $59.99
  7. ohh .. the price is insanely cheap :nuts:
    But, I don't live near any of them to make a trip there. :push:
  8. I can't believe these deals on R&R's. Those jeans are great- a bit snug but great! :rolleyes:
  9. I love my R&Rs. I've worn my new pair twice to parties now, and every time, someone got drunk and slurred, "Everyone, everyone! Look, she's got a hot ass! I'm sorry, but you do!"
  10. That's what I worred about. I looked at a pair at a discount and they didn't feel like the other R&R(purchased at Saks) I had at home. I am not an expert on fakes, they just fell different. The weight of the farbic is just off and so was the tags.
  11. Yup, I'm thinking the same thing, too... I've tried a few R&R in Century 21, but the fabric and the fit are really different, compared to my other R&Rs bought from department stores..Although I highly doubt Century21 will have fakes...but this has got me wondered what happened to R&R??
  12. I even tapped the button on the front and it was hollow like pop metal or something. The real ones (buttons) at Bloomies are solid. I honestly would not trust the ones from discount stores. If I am going to pay $79.00 for jeans (what the "fake" ones, I found were) I most certainly will not buy a fake pair. I would just get a good quality, lesser known name brand. I found some jeans called VIGOSS and I get tons of compliments on them. It seems like they were about $50.00 0r $60.00.
  13. I was just at woodbury outlets and the Saks outlet had TONS and TONs of R&R. literally racks and racks. They had the snakeskin r&r, the skulls, fleur de lis, vb crowns, scorpions, roths etc etc. It has to make me wonder why are sooo many pairs floating around outlets??
  14. *Cries from jealousy* I'm dying for a pair