Tons of New Stuff on Sale at Revolve

  1. I know this has been posted in a few threads already, but it's official: Revolve is having their second cut right now.

    I am thrilled because a dress that I have been waiting to go on sale for 6 months finally went. It's going to be the dress I wear to my engagement party! I got it for $189, down from $473 - a steal, right?

    Here's the dress:

    Post your buys!
  2. yay i'm so glad you found it on sale!
  3. that's gorgeous!!! what a great deal and congrats on your engagement!
  4. thank you for letting us know - and congratulations on your engagement :smile:
  5. Yes, congrats!!!

    I took a closer look at their 2nd cut and found LOTS. I realized that some items don't show up if you sort by category...

    I got this Theory coat, $280 from $700. I wanted ruby red (Saks has it), but for this sale price, black is just fine. :smile:

    Foley + Corinna red silk dress (it has a halter strap): $140 from $360.

    James Perse smocked-waist summer dress: $28 from $138

    and James Perse jersey skirt: $64 from $114

    And some other basics...The end.

    Thanks, daniela!
  6. Oh no!! I :love: Revolve sales...

    bought this for 28 dollars :smile: it was originally 138 yay! :wlae: Will be the most expensive shirt i own! haha I dont think i should have discovered this website i keep wanting to spend money haha I think this is my new favorite online store :love:
  8. I am on a major everything ban... thank god for mom's CC.

    $363 --> $182 --> $145!!!
    Pretty dress... I love olive green, and love dark blue and black together. Win win situation.

    $198 --> $90 --> $72!
    I liked the gold sheen.

    $264 --> $132 --> $105!
    Love cute detailing on jeans, like these buckles!

    $77 --> $39 --> $31!!
    This is the only thing I'd seen/almost purchased before. Glad I didn't pay full price!
  9. C&C california ashley jacket: $167 to $93.6
    Trina Turk coat: $547 to $219.2
    Woo Justine in Black: $162 to $64.8

    and some Ts.
  10. You can say that again!! I'm up in the middle night reading about bargains and buying on revolve and other websites that i had never heard of; but now stalk daily! LOL!
  11. so i just got my juicy couture wristlet thing, and its a whoile lote smaller then the pic shows :p
  12. its small, but came in a cute box though
    DSCI0039.JPG DSCI0040.JPG DSCI0041.JPG