Tons of New Stock

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America received massive amounts of new stock over the past two days. Some of the items include: CHANEL chrystal earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, leather belts, Cambon Totes, Medallion Totes in black, soft and chain, camillia broaches, and new bangles/rings.

    AWESOME merchandise!
  2. What do the crystal earings look like? Are they 695? Thanks Chanel boy!!!
  3. Wow got to check them out

  4. Did you get any MC in black?
    Can you please post pix of the bangles and rings? Thxs...
  5. thanksfor sharing!
  6. What colors of the cambons? And how much are they?


  7. We have multiple styles. The large tote in black and white for $1595. The small tote in black and black for $1350. The square shoulder bag for $1450 in black and white and white and black.

  8. What does MC stand for?
  9. is your store still recieve the cambon medium messenger bag (blk with blk patent shinning CC) ?

    at the time being my local store dont recieve any,my SA says they the factory in Paris have kinds of problem making it...dunno is true or not........
  10. I believe it stands for modern chain
  11. I want to know too- what bangles did they get in?
  12. Me too! I have a growing addiction to Chanel accessories.
  13. Where, oh where, is the Rock & Chain? :shrugs:
  14. the denim cabas?
  15. LMAO..Poor Chanelboy..hes under Pf attack mode...heehee.....

    Ok..did U say Pearls????HMMM????Can ya post pics for us?...that would be killer!!!!