tons of new items on

  1. ho guys,

    Check the website (France section), there is a tons of new stuffs :

    - new jewerly men line (champs-elysée)
    - new men hybiscus bandana and beach towel
    - ...

    there is also a very nice presentation of the valentine's day gift.

    Enjoy !

  2. I know those hibicus things are BEAUTIFUL there is a bandana, laso check out the womens section there are some stunning new scarves. And the denim bandana/scarf is showing in white could this be a sign of white denim bags coming to replace the fuschia or lichen??? SO MANY BEAUTIFUL THINGS :yahoo:
  3. Yep and the upcoming floral men scarf and bandana will be TDF too, it will look HOT on a tanned skin and a white shirt.

  4. ^ ohyeah that would sofa king HOT
  5. I love that Bracelet Champs Elysees! But I bet it's too big for me. :sad:

    I might consider the Bague Champs Elysees? I'm in need of a new ring... :graucho:
  6. ^^ The website is down :confused1:
  7. Thanks for the info fred! Are you contemplating a purchase?
  8. ^^^drats, I need to see the towel! I think I am so glad I didn't get the cruise one, with taht stooopid 's
  9. The main site is down but I can see the main page and I almost dropped to the floor...Scarlett looks exactly like my mom when she was much younger. Holy Moly I just called my mom to tell her.

  10. which could only mean one thing..... MORE NEW GOODIES!!!! :yahoo:
  11. Oh, I hope so! I'm having a hard time getting around on the LV USA website today, too. Maybe that is a good sign!
  12. I know and I want to order something :hysteric:
  13. The LV website is back looking..lots of new stuff!!!!
  14. i want to see more from the floral pattern line ;)
  15. I like the cotton carre or bandana with the Damier print.