Tons of new GH bags on Bluefly. Hobo, City, PT etc.. $845 after the 15%

  1. There was red, aquamarine, Truffle, Black, White etc.... Also small coin wallets.
  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Thank you for posting, seem like I need coupon code :biggrin:
  4. Got this from deals and steals

    Actually 20% discount "SHOP335" and "SHOP337" work when you spend more than 100 dollars. If u try to purchase products that are under 100 dollars (total amount), it won't work, but 15% one does work for under 100 dollars :smile:
  5. Thank you again :yahoo:
  6. Hmmm, I can't seem to find any of the GH Hobos - I wonder if they are gone already.
  7. I just looked about 20 minutes ago and there was an Aqua GH Hobo.
  8. Thanks MRG!

    I tried searching with different keywords and it came up with the Truffle & Vermillion GH Hobos this time. It said the Truffle wasn't available, but the Vermillion still is. I'm just wanting to look at some pics of Aqua bags... :p Sick, aren't I?
  9. Could you not find a Cafe GH hobo?
  10. BalNY has one, but I figured I would let the waitlisting calls & Magenta calls die down a bit before I called Terry, because I want to take a few minutes to talk to her about what they have in stock and the new colors... What colors she thinks I will like the best.

    I may try to stretch it out until they get the new colors, because I want to see Grenat (if they have anything left in that) compared next to Tabac, so I know which one is the color I'm going for.... Then I will decide if I would rather have the Cafe GH Hobo or the new Tabac color. If I don't like Tabac, I'll get the Cafe... Too many decisions.:p

    (Oh...... I ended up ordering that Aqua wallet BTW...:smile: I don't know if its a keeper yet, it should be here in a few days.)
  11. All gone! That was fast...
  12. I have a GH Truffle City in my Shopping Cart .... WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH ME ???? I am trying to SELL bags NOT BUY them!!! AGHHHHH!!!!!
  13. ladies I have a white city in my cart, i was gonna get a chanel bag this w/e , but this was my second fav bag, should I go for it . help help!!!!!! lol
  14. But it is such a good deal!!! :yes: You can't pass a deal like that up!!!

    I vote to get it! :yahoo:

  15. I'm afraid I will love it :p ... THEN I will HAVE to sell my 05 Choc City :push: ...