Tons Of New Chloe On Bluefly This Am!!

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  1. Lots of new Chloe bags on Bluefly! Check it out:smile::tup:
  2. If the new paddington was the brown one I'd be all over it! Thank god it's not since I am on a purse ban!
  3. after recent NM madness their prices look insane :smile:
  4. There's a lot of Chloe bags available again, that were there before NM and Nordies had their big sales.

    I noticed that the SIlveradoes are back.

    But yes, it all seems so expensive!
  5. Use the additional 15% discount and it's not so bad! I see the Black Quilted Bay and the new Paddington in Black with the small lock!
  6. I wanted to get this but i couldn't add it to my bag. After talking with the livechat person, he told me that they had temporarily removed that item from the site because it was already at its lowest price point and they couldn't afford to sell it during the extra 10% off sale. He assured me that there were still 6 left in stock. However, when I checked late last night (still during the 10% off sale) it was shown as not available already! :crybaby:I guess people were buying them via livechat? I don't know, but he didn't tell me i could do that, and he just agreed when i said...ohh so then i have to wait until tomorrow to buy it?

    rah so i'm just mad that it seems to be out of stock now. But thanks for posting a great deal!!:tup:
  7. Keep checking back on the site - I've seen bags disappear and reappear a day or two later.
  8. I will. I want to talk to their live chat people again but can't seem to find the link...:confused1: