Tons Of New Chloe Bags On Bluefly!

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  1. you should read the other posting about chloe bags from bluefly before purchasing...
  2. I've heard alot about Chloe and Balenciaga being sold on there and some being fakes. What about other brands? I've bought two Bottega's and both are authentic. I've also bought clothes with no problems?
  3. Some Chloes have been fakes, but not all. And if you happen to receive a fake, you can return it.
  4. I received a Balenciaga wallet from Bluefly today. It's real.
  5. Recieved a fake Prada bag before from BlueFly but returned it at once. :yucky:
  6. How could you tell it was fake?
  7. I purchased a paddington from Bluefly and returned it. It loooked real, I think, just bad quality, such as missing a metal peg, loose stitching, peeling leather edge on the handle.
  8. wat's the unique indication for a real paddington n bbag.. how about, are they selling a fake or an authentic one ?
  9. I've been a Bluefly customer for years. I've bought Marc Jacobs, Prada, Christian Louboutin and Gucci items (nothing inexpensive, mind you). Everything has been absolutely real. You guys need to lay off Bluefly for a while and give them another chance. Yes, there were some fakes that got on their site nearly a YEAR ago, but if Bluefly hadn't taken care of that and put more stringent business practices in place they wouldn't still be in business, much less still advertising on TV! It IS illegal to sell fakes, ya know?....
  10. Someone just recently bought a Chloe from them that turned out to be fake.
    It was in the Chloe forum. :sad: