tons of new chanel on

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    LET'S SHOP! :yahoo: :wlae: :supacool:
  2. Oh, I already did some serious damage on there this morning.:yahoo:
  3. I heard too :graucho: Thanks for the code, though!!
  4. lol! as i LOVE to say.....

  5. is it ok to buy on there?
  6. bluefly is kosher for the most part. I think some people have gotten fake bbags in the past though.
  7. woo hoo
    i want the white ankle boots...they dont have my size !!!!
    boo hoo- they are TDF
    all of this stuff I seen at Neimans and Saks last call sales for way cheaper !!!
  8. BE CAREFUL. If you do a search of tPF, you'll see that some gals in other subforums (Balenciaga, Gucci, Hermes) have had problems/questions with authenticity and quality of the handbags or shoes they've purchased on Bluefly. Personally, I don't buy from Bluefly, but others have reported good experiences.

    Here are just a few of the threads about Bluefly...
  9. I've never purchased handbags from Bluefly, but I have purchased clothes and shoes and I've been very happy.:yes:

  10. Hopefully, everything will check out with the Chanel bags on Bluefly. I'm just saying, be sure to inspect your purchases carefully, based on past problems that tPFers have had. Luckily, Bluefly has a good return policy if you smell something fishy, right?
  11. Yeah, I have heard rumor of the fake Balenciaga bags. :sad:
  12. That's right. There are tons of Bluefly-hating threads over in the Balenciaga subforum.
  13. i have a question
    where does blue fly get their merchandise ?
  14. i have not bought any bags on bluefly, but i have gotten shoes without a problem. since they have a good return policy, i feel comfortable. plus they have been around for a long time.

    good question about where they obtain their merch...i mean, how did they get a "bad batch of balenciaga"???? you know???? hmmm.......
  15. hi all,

    spoke with a rep at bluefly, he said they get their merchandise straight from the manufacturer and it is usually from past seasons, etc. He said they are "authorized resellers". For peace of mind though, u could call Chanel and verify this. Hope this helps. happy shopping!