Tons of Chloe's on Sale @ NAP Mid-Season Sale

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  1. Thanks for posting - this Patchwork tote is stunning for Winter and a great price too!

    And if you want an Edith Bowler, they are on sale for 740ish at Neiman Marcus Last Call in Milpitas - so call them! I saw a red on there too :yes:
  2. np! yes, out of all the deals, i thought the patchwork was the best deal by far! like you already mentioned, the Edith's have been sighted for much cheaper at NMLC and other random places.

  3. although i normally dont prefer matchy matchy designer outfits (i.e.monogram coach shoes/hat + monogram coach purse), i love the idea of matching subtle designer accessories that are all leather or non-monogrammed! your outfit is a perfect example! those shoes are super cute! i've been eyeing the paddington flats, but they're out of my price range.
  4. Everything is sold out for me!!
  5. it is!! Its only been a few hours O_O

  6. I agree digablebeatz, sometimes it can be overkill, subtle is the perfect word. I love Bottega Veneta for that too- The paddington flats are so cute...did you see the metallics!?!? Speaking of "out of my price range" :smile: I've really had my eye on a pair of Chloe boots so maybe these will hold me over until I can save much more $$$$$ :p
  7. Just received the Moka patchwork that I ordered yesterday.......WOW, what fast service!! Still deciding if it's a keeper for me. It is absolutely beautiful, and extremely soft and LIGHT (a definitely plus), more of a satchel style. So now I'm weighing in on whether to keep it, sell another one or two from my 'stash of bags' (esp. since they are hardly used).......what to do?? Guess I'll put my normal 'everyday items' in it to see how it looks filled.
    As I'm typing this thread, it is sitting on my table saying "you know you want me" ......LOL
  8. Ilson - I would love to see pics with you as a model and the bag filled. We are all curious about that drooping effect.
  9. I'd love to see a picture too! :flowers:
  10. Oh wow, congrats...I would love to see pictures of that bag modelled.....
  11. chloe boots are TDF! so many things to little $....:p
  12. Thanks.......Yes, it droops, I put a few items in to see how it would look and the bottom totally droops out of shape. It does give it a bit of a slouchy look, I will post pics later, have a busy schedule today and tomorrow, so most likely over the weekend.
    Jury is still out on this one. Love the size, it is a 'satchel type' bag and a great size, I really expected it to be larger/bulkier, but glad it's not. If I decide to keep it, there is the option of putting somthing in the bottom as was mentioned in another thread to keep the form, or guess I could just let it slouch.
    All that said, it is a beautiful bag.
  13. same, thank god!!