tons of Chloes going on sale at Nordstrom...

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  1. Hi all,

    My SA at the Nordstrom in La Brea, CA called to tell me that Chloes are going on sale tomorrow for 33-40% off. You can call today and ask about pre-sale. The SA is named Amy and her number is 714-529-0123

    Here's what she mentioned to me:

    Paddies :yahoo:, assorted styles, in jade, tan, muscade, and black.

    Also on sale will be Tracy, Betty, and Edith bags, though I do not know for sure which ones.

    I hope someone gets something great! :heart:
  2. OMG... Thanks for the post:yahoo::tup:
  3. Any Bays?
  4. Thanks. I am going to stop in tomorrow AM.
  5. She did not mention Bays; my guess would be no.

    Also, I specifically asked about mini paddies (the baby sized satchel) and she didn't have any of those.
  6. Great news for so many Chloe lovers!
  7. Kmsnyc, Thanks so much for the heads up!!!

    I just spoke with Amy. None of the Bays will be going on sale. The sale actually starts June 6th, but they are doing pre-sales now. They will take your cc info and hold the bag. It will be charges to you cc and shipped on June 6th.
  8. Oh, sorry for the misinformation about when the sale starts!

    I'm tapped out from buying my spy bag so I can't take part in this sale.... but I hope lots of you guys can! :heart:
  9. Thank you!! I will be giving her a call.
  10. Yeah!!! I got a presale for the large patent betty in merlot/burgundy at 40% off! Woo hoo!!

    Thanks so much KMSNYC :smile:
  11. Yay!:yahoo:

    Congrats sweetie! That's a gorgeous bag!:heart:
  12. :nuts: Which Nordies did they have more???
  13. I called a couple of days ago and they didn't have any paddingtons. :crybaby:

  14. I called the one listed at the top of this thread. I don't know if they have more, but it wouldn't hurt to call. Good luck!
  15. The store in Bellevue, WA has bunches of paddingtons! Lots of the hobos, several boulers, a tan large front pocket, a brown buyers tote just to name a few. Call and ask for Jamie, she sent out an email yesterday to her customers with pictures of the bags available.