Tons of Chloe at NM Orlando


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
ETenebris said:
Can you tell me more about the "sand" or chamois Edith? I have the whiskey on pre-order, but if the Paddy must go back then a second color in Edith may be in order. I saw a photo of a lighter it close to the color in this? I know the whiskey shows the top stitching, so I would like my second color to not have the stitching as a prominent feature. Does anyone have an idea of the in light or dark, or have you seen one? Then there is also a turquoise coming out soon...

Thanks for the heads up! Good thing they are closed...I would order right now! Oh, except that they only take AmEx and NM cards, and I paid off my AmEx and closed it out. Bummer.

The chamois is very close to the picture. It is absolutely gorgeous. I don't know about the other colors. I think I saw a blue one somewhere though, but it might have been grey, but it was a photo vice seeing it in rl.


Feb 5, 2006
Daisy said:
Ohhh okay, yeah, the one we were discussing the other day. I'm definitely not interested in that style but might cave for a regular satchel in that color. :nuts:
Ugh, don't remind me, I might cave in for a satchel in that color too! I love that mousse color! :love: Hopefully by the time it's available I'd have recovered from my Choco Paddy purchase :amuse: