Tons of Chloe at NM Orlando

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  1. I was at NM today and saw tons of Chloe bags. They had the Edith in a light sand color (not sure if that was the Chamois color), a baby paddington in an interesting yellow color, the Betty satchel, and different paddy styles like cream and that new mousse color which is nice! They're having a trunk show sometime this week, I forgot what day the SA said. They have the Edith available for pre-order in whiskey and grey.

    407-264-5900 is the number, ask for Diana :nuts:
  2. do you know if it is the Edith medium or large?
  3. It was the medium, it wasn't as big as I thought. It's very nice! The price was marked $1275.
  4. Cristina- how was the leather quality of the Edith?
  5. It wasn't as soft as the paddy, but the leather was still nice. It has a nice vintage look to it, and the size is great. It looks like it can hold a ton of stuff. I would have loved to see it in the grey. They will also have it in whiskey, which will probably a be very rich-looking color, like it is on the paddy :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for the headsup! :biggrin:
  7. C, how did the chamois (sand) color look? I've got one pre-ordered.
  8. I really liked it! It had a nice vintage look to it, and went great with the outfit I had on :P It wasn't as yellow as I thought it would be. Looks like a great neutral color. I'm excited for you to get yours, now that I've seen it in person! I'm dying to see the grey, I think they're supposed to be in at the end of March.
  9. Thanks for the info Cristina! I am going nuts waiting for mine (Medium in Whiskey), especially since I have never seen it in person!!!
  10. Yikes. I already have Edith on order (which I MAY cancel) but that Mousse Paddy is calling my name. I do NOT need another Paddy!!!!
  11. It was the larger paddy tote? There are so many styles. I think a photo was posted here a while ago. The color is mousse, and the hardware is silver. I'm not a fan of the shape, but the color is great!
  12. Ohhh okay, yeah, the one we were discussing the other day. I'm definitely not interested in that style but might cave for a regular satchel in that color. :nuts:
  13. Can you tell me more about the "sand" or chamois Edith? I have the whiskey on pre-order, but if the Paddy must go back then a second color in Edith may be in order. I saw a photo of a lighter it close to the color in this? I know the whiskey shows the top stitching, so I would like my second color to not have the stitching as a prominent feature. Does anyone have an idea of the in light or dark, or have you seen one? Then there is also a turquoise coming out soon...

    Thanks for the heads up! Good thing they are closed...I would order right now! Oh, except that they only take AmEx and NM cards, and I paid off my AmEx and closed it out. Bummer.

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  14. Thanks for the info!
  15. cristina, this is crucial...was the mousse every bit the amazing color that it looks to be on the LVR website???? i must know! i want that bag SO BAD.