Tons of Chloe at NM Orlando


Oct 23, 2005
I was at NM today and saw tons of Chloe bags. They had the Edith in a light sand color (not sure if that was the Chamois color), a baby paddington in an interesting yellow color, the Betty satchel, and different paddy styles like cream and that new mousse color which is nice! They're having a trunk show sometime this week, I forgot what day the SA said. They have the Edith available for pre-order in whiskey and grey.

407-264-5900 is the number, ask for Diana :nuts:
jag said:
Cristina- how was the leather quality of the Edith?

It wasn't as soft as the paddy, but the leather was still nice. It has a nice vintage look to it, and the size is great. It looks like it can hold a ton of stuff. I would have loved to see it in the grey. They will also have it in whiskey, which will probably a be very rich-looking color, like it is on the paddy :biggrin:
Greenie said:
C, how did the chamois (sand) color look? I've got one pre-ordered.

I really liked it! It had a nice vintage look to it, and went great with the outfit I had on :P It wasn't as yellow as I thought it would be. Looks like a great neutral color. I'm excited for you to get yours, now that I've seen it in person! I'm dying to see the grey, I think they're supposed to be in at the end of March.
Daisy said:
Yikes. I already have Edith on order (which I MAY cancel) but that Mousse Paddy is calling my name. I do NOT need another Paddy!!!!

It was the larger paddy tote? There are so many styles. I think a photo was posted here a while ago. The color is mousse, and the hardware is silver. I'm not a fan of the shape, but the color is great!
Can you tell me more about the "sand" or chamois Edith? I have the whiskey on pre-order, but if the Paddy must go back then a second color in Edith may be in order. I saw a photo of a lighter it close to the color in this? I know the whiskey shows the top stitching, so I would like my second color to not have the stitching as a prominent feature. Does anyone have an idea of the in light or dark, or have you seen one? Then there is also a turquoise coming out soon...

Thanks for the heads up! Good thing they are closed...I would order right now! Oh, except that they only take AmEx and NM cards, and I paid off my AmEx and closed it out. Bummer.


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cristina, this is crucial...was the mousse every bit the amazing color that it looks to be on the LVR website???? i must know! i want that bag SO BAD.