Tons of black GST with s/h at NM's short hills

  1. If anyone is interested the Neimans in short hills, nj has many gst with silver hardware...I just ordered one from there this morning...I couldnt believe I was able to find one so easily after being told by Bloomingdales in nyc that there is a wait list of 73...
    hope this helps some

  2. Thanks for the info...

    Would you happen to know if this is the new "washed" caviar, or the older finish?

  3. I believe its the old caviar
  4. The Chanel 57 store called me last week and said they had them in too.
  5. thanks for posting....i own a GST tote with older caviar in silver HW, it's a great bag!!
  6. Hi, this is an awesome posting becuase I am in search of a GST. Black with silver hardware. You mentioned that you ordered one from short hills, nj. Is it the ones with the bigger CC logos or the smaller ones? Also, how much were they? Thanks!
  7. Hi, its the typical caviar shopping tote with the large CC in the middle...Hope they still have ...If not I know that the chanel store in the short hills mall(not Neimans) had 2 in stock....:heart:
  8. what about gold has anyone seen it with gold?
  9. hey..i know that as of yesterday Neimans in short hills had one with gold hardware as did the actual store inside the mall..
  10. Thanks! I called thme today and they have it. waht's your opinion on the PST?
    Do you think it's a lot smaller than the GST?
  11. IMO it is significantly smaller... if you're more petite it might be easier to pull off. But personally, it's too small for my frame and needs. (I'm 5'6, 125 lbs, and tend to carry a lot of stuff :smile:)

    But it looks exactly the same as the GST, just shrunken down -you should try it on for size and see how you like it on if you want something smaller... the price point isn't that bad either, IMO for a Chanel these days

    Good luck! ;)
  12. How much is the GST now? Thanks.