Tons of Bbags at NM Denver, Gorgeous Days!

  1. They have a huge selection of Bbag moto bags at NM Denver, with both kinds of hardware. Also had grenat mini bowler, camel mid-af, blue india city.

    They had Days in Camel, Marron, Blueberry, and the most stunning Blue India I've ever seen!!! I think it was Blue India. The exact color was "bleu gris." Isn't that Blue India? Whatever it was, I almost died.
  2. any purses???:heart:
  3. Yes, I saw a Marron Purse for sure. GORGEOUS leather on that one! I'm going back tomorrow and will give a more complete report. But for now I can confirm at least one Purse spotting!:yes:
  4. Can't wait to hear back. Any weekenders with great leather? A Marron bowling, by chance?

    Thanks for spreading the word!!!
  5. deco,
    do they have any spring colors?
    Last time I was there... they did not have any of the spring colors yet....
  6. They do now. They have the new giant hardware, and I saw the vermillion and I think the grass green. Don't think I saw french blue or natural, but will take closer look today.:yes:
  7. well, maybe i will go today too.... after i get off my lazy bum out of the couch.
    i live too far tho.... too lazy to drive there.
  8. do you know what colors in work style they have ?
  9. Any Twiggy's on sale? If anyone see's a twiggy on sale, let me know. Color doesn't really matter.
  10. oooohhhh, a marron purse....:drool: