TONS of Balenciaga Bags at Barney's NY (Chestnut Hill, MA)

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  1. If any of you are looking for a Balenciaga bag (at retail of course), you can take your pick at this store ... quite literally, they have TONS!!!

    Black, Cornflower Blue, Ink, White, Pink, Lilac, Grey, Olive -- everything from the current Pre-Spring/Spring 2006 collection. Not only do they have all the colors available, but the selection of styles is also fab (Voyage/Weekender, Tote, Office/Work, Purse, First, City, etc.). They also have some of the funkier suede bags as well as the new travel "satchel" (don't know the actual Balenciaga name for it right now).

    No ... I was good and didn't add to my collection ... I'm waiting for the Emerald Green!!

    Their number is: (617) 969-6310. Good luck!!
  2. i was in saks NYC yesterday and they had a shopper there! i loved it, except i think it was in black (i forget the color already) , and i really want it in red. but yep they had new totes on the table and the leather was buttery soft! back to the old leather i'm hoping!!!
  3. Yeah, they had a ton of the Totes too. I like them, but I kind of have this rule about carrying more than one bag ... that's one of the reasons why I typicallly carry a very large stick ... (hee hee) ... I mean bag!!!!! I like to put everything (my usual stuff) and work stuff into the same bag (especially when traveling!).

    I had heard that Red was last year; do they plan on re-issuing red?
  4. no idea if they are going to re issue a red for fall. but i hope they do!
  5. Actually, I just looked at, and 'lo and behold, it looks as though for the 2006 Fall/Winter collection, there will be a Rouge VIF (vivid red) ... oh, baby!@!#!$!%!^!&!*!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Summer (at least what they are quoting right now) is:

    --> Emerald
    --> Camel
    --> Rust (which I've been told is a orangey-pumpkin color)

    BTW ... the White (while released many times) often differs in color. For instance, my White is actually an off-white, while the current White is more stark/pearl white. Calcaire, according to Balenciaga, is not considered white!
  6. very nice! can't wait to see the fall/winter collection. i hope the leather isn't as crackly though....

    i might be interested in the rust color.... we will see....
  7. 0o0o0 b-bags!!! :smile:
  8. Aloha Rag has the some of the new bags in stock...colors include emerald, beige/cognac, and reddish orange. Email Jumpei at and he will send a PDF file with photos of the colors/bags.