Tons of Bags at the Chloe outlet!


Personal Shopper
Apr 9, 2006
I just heard from the manager at the chloe outlet and they received a HUGE shipment of news bags....

So if anyone is hunting for something do give them a call....tell them Mona sent you....

They have Saskias, Paddingtons, Heloises, Bays, Milton, the Boudoir, the Pearl, Olinda, Matana, Mix, Miki, and a lot of different clutches like the Vega, the Anika, and clutches and small evening bags in the Irina collection.

They are more than happy to send pics by e-mail!

Ask for Laila (manager) or Hava...they are the most knowledgeable and helpful.
Chloe Boutique
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
822 Grapevine Court
Central Valley, NY 10917
Tel. (1) 845-928-6260


Dec 30, 2008
Hava helped me yesterday and sent me pics of different paddington's with silver hardware because that's what I was looking for. I chose a gorgeous mahogany front pocket paddington! The customer service at this place it outstanding!

Give them a call!~ :woohoo:


May 15, 2007
This store is pretty great with customer service, and they do have a good selection. I was there about a month ago and picked up four pairs of shoes for an absolute steal. The store was well-stocked with bags - I almost got a couple, but I am in bag purge mode right now and not allowing myself to buy anything new unless I am absolutely going to carry it! The staff at the shop is very nice as well.

I'll probably be heading up there over the weekend and I'll report back with spy info! :P