TONS of B-Bags at Barney's NY (Chestnut Hill, MA)

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  1. For those of you who have written in that you are interested in the Black 'First' (Classique), Medium City Classique, Work/Office or Voyage/Weekender ... the Barney's NY (Chestnut Hill, MA) has TONS of them!!

    They also had a fairly good selection of the new Shopper style (nice - I like it), in both Black, Ink and White (real pretty).

    They had the Ink in a Medium City and Office, the Box Denim, and about 4 of the Pony Bags (2 First and 2 Medium City) ... in the Tan and Cream colors.

    I believe the Barney's website has the telephone # for the Chestnut Hill store ...
  2. darn, i wish i was living over there at the moment!!!
  3. Helen,

    Do the Kiwis use the Australian Dollar? If so, it would be cheaper for you here in the states. The problem is with shipping/customs (unless declared as a gift but that can be dodgy!).
  4. ceejay,

    hehehe! Nope, New Zealand has its own New Zealand dollar :amuse: i'm just getting all b-bagged out! i can't wait to leave work to go get TWIGGY!!!! I'm taking notes of all the stores you guys say to go too, so i can go into them when i come over! woo hoo, love shopping! :biggrin: