Tons And Tons Of Azur!!!

  1. On Eluxury!!!!
  2. holding an agenda for ............. I forgot whooo was looking?????
  3. Ethan's Mommy........... where are you?????
  4. they're out of the speedy already!
  5. I Got It!!!!! Want Me To Release It Right Now???
  6. got a Koala in my basket too!
  7. no, no. not yet! I gotta make sure it's ok with my bf first. Thanks though!!

    and if another PF'er wants it, go for it!
  8. yep- got two of them- speedy 30's + koala + agenda
  9. it's AK time and it's only 10:10pm here- I'll be up for another couple of hours... PM me or reply if you want these...

    although--- elux will take them out of your basket sometimes! and say NOT AVAILABLE!!
  10. wait, did you release it already? cuz I just managed to snag one too!
  11. i also have a speedy 30 in my shopping cart if anyone wants it
  12. oooweee- I got two and it says no more available..

    tricky tricky elux!
  13. Hahaha. I love how we hold stock for each other.
  14. i'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do you still have it!@?!@?!?!?!:nuts:
  15. ^Yea.. :lol: