toni's 04 Turquoise clean up before and after! PICS!!!

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  1. hi ladies! oh my gosh. wow PF withdrawals!

    okay.. here are the pics i promised! so as some of you may know, i found a really lovely 04 turquoise twiggy that needed some TLC and the leather texture was so amazing that i could not leave this little lovely bag behind in the store. So I took her home and spent the better part of Sunday buffing and cleaning and buffing and cleaning......and here are my results! i posted the pics to my dotmac account so that i dont clutter up the new PF servers!

    here is the link and enjoy! it was really fun and a labor of love, and i learned a lot about cleaning the light colored bags with this project!

    here is one pic to start! check out the link for the rest!

    and welcome back!!!!:heart:[​IMG]

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  2. Dude... You could start your own bag-restoration business, toni. Seriously. You did such a great and amazing job! I used Coach cleaner on one of my bags, and it turned it yellow. I MUST get some Apple cleaner like yours!
  3. Dear goodness, how freaken cool are you?!
  4. sorry, weird double post...
  5. holy cow, simply amazing!!! so glad you rescued this beauty and cleaned her up properly - she's totally gorgeous now::tup:
  6. Wouw what a great thread and what a great work did U do.
    U have to do this proffesional, can I send my dirty apple green work.
    Joking but i real love what U did whit your bag.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  7. WOW incredible job. That bag is gorgeous!! Thank you for posting those fabulous work in progress pics!!!:tup:
  8. thanks!!! it was fun. i am sort of a neurotic clean freak.. so i like to clean things.. its sort of relaxing for me. So, these bags to clean up nicely, it just takes a lot of time. i have to test each product... i test on the mirror, cause each bag and each color is so different.. then let it dry, then clean again and dry. i was driving my husband crazy! but he was pretty impressed too!
    he was like... "i have some shoes when you are done with that bag!!!"
  9. You are amazing!:tup: You're definitely one who sees the "potential" and are relentless in your pursuit of the beautiful Bbag! Congratulations......she's gorgeous!!:woohoo:
  10. thanks powder!

    i am going to let it rest for a few days, then attack that pen mark and one handle again. it think i can get it a bit better.

    it sort of fun to carry a bag you cleaned up.. it is less nerve racking that carrying a brand new one.. cause if anything gets on it, or i get stuck in the rain,,, i can clean it again!

    my new LE magenta bag sort of freaks me out a bit. i am so careful in restaurants with it. even tho i sprayed her to death!
  11. Wow!

    Amazing find and great job turning her around!
  12. WOW...that is amazing Toni!!!!! It is simply gorgeous!!!

    So this would be light turquoise, correct?
  13. :woohoo:
    Amazing job!!
    I wish I was not so lazy (and not so scared) with my rouge theatre!!
  14. yes. according the old color list from ateliernaff, it is the 04 turquoise. A lot of people would confuse it with the seafoam, but the seafoam was more greenish, and had pewter hardware. but they are sort of similar. the 04 turquoise is like the color of a swimming pool...

  15. Just absolutely lovely! I love how the leather looks, I love the color, I love everything about the bag! Congratulations!!!