Toning up quickly

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  1. Hi ladies. So I have exactly 4 weeks to loose a few pounds and tone up. I know I can loose the fat but is it possible to tone up in such a short amount of time? Has anyone seen significant results in that time frame? I'm not looking for a miracle just wanting some definition!
  2. With losing fat, you'll get definition.

    What do you mean by tone? Toning muscles means working them out, which in turn will make them tauter and less "elastic". Typically, that's not an issue, though, on most reasonably healthy people.

    As for time, it really depends on your goals. Do you want to gain strength, add mass, or simply tighten your muscles up?
  3. Yes I guess I mean toning muscles :smile: I just want my body to look tight and fit . I'm already considered "thin" but I don't feel like I'm lean and toned.
  4. Ok, do you want to look like Allesandra Ambrosia or Kelly Ripa? If the former, then focus on diet (High protein, moderate carbs, low fat) and cardio (HIIT). If the latter, focus on diet, cardio and hit the gym lifting heavy weights about 3-4 times a week.
  5. Definitely Alessandra Ambrosio ! So I'll be able to tone just from Cardio?
  6. I second the vote for Pilates. It tones like nobody's business, and the best part is that it lengthens muscles and is great for nice posture. If you are diligent about it, you will see results in the time frame that you're seeking. As for losing the pounds, I'm one who believes that losing inches is way better than losing pounds, and with Pilates you will lose inches!
  7. I sold my treadmill in the fall and started doing kettlenetics..I purchased on QVC and LOVE it!!! I was sooo sore for a few weeks--my a** killed lol...but I noticed overall toning almost immediately...I do the cardio workouts 3 times a week, and targeted excersizes on alternate is not time consuming and fits in w/ my busy schedule---NO time for gym membership-I do it every morning early a.m.....for me it's worth it..I was in good shape to begin with-just wanted something 'more'..and glad I sold that treadmill...this is soooooooooo much better of a workout!!!
  8. Oh I forgot to add I DID lose inches..not that I needed to either but it happened..I bought 3 new pairs of pants in the fall and they are LOOSE (grr!)..I think I lost a few pounds too (don't shoot me I don't have weight issues so I hardly ever weigh myself) but YEAH----you will def lose inches w/ this workout..(assuming you stick with it of course)..hth! Good luck!!
  9. Thanks everyone! I think I will try incorporating pilates in a few times a week. I did it a while back but it had bothered my neck. I'll give it another try.
  10. You should really be lifting.
  11. You should have a few classes with a proper instructor, pilates shouldn't bother your neck back or waist. I've seen ballet dancer going hardcore on pilates while having a broken leg. It is the least possible exercise to get hurt imho.

    Try to work out daily for fast results, if you do 1 hour every day in 3 weeks you will notice a big difference.
  12. I agree weights are awesome too. I suggested pilates because you don't need any equipment.;)
  13. You'll definitely notice a difference if you do these things^^ and drink plenty of water and healthy foods. Don't suddenly deprive yourself of the foods you used to eat (if they weren't as healthy) just have them in small amounts...this is obvious but some try to suddenly make a huge change. Have fun with it! Results will be great.
  14. If AA is more what you're going for, I'd focus mostly on diet and toss in to yoga/pilates.
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