Toning a Stomach with a Broken Back?

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  1. Hi

    I need to tone up (& reduce!) my stomach after the birth of my baby. However, I have a broken coccyx so things that put any sort of pressure on that area, for example, sit ups are out!

    Can any one recommend any suitable exercises that I can do at home? without any specialist equipment?

  2. Sounds to me that you'll need to consult with a physician or physical therapist. Laypeople aren't qualified to recommend safe exercises for someone with a broken bone in their back. (ouch!!)

    Congrats on the birth of your baby and good luck recovering from your injury!
  3. Hanging crunches/leg lifts. Hang from a bar and bring you knees to your chest. Maybe ball crunches. The way you balance yourself on the ball puts 0 to minimal pressure on your butt.
  4. Possibily pilates but it mst be done right you need to speak to a professional I used to be in the fitness industry and it's just not safe giving you advice here without assessing you caperbilities, range of movement & the list goes on...... sorry but go and see a professional.

    If you do go down the pilates route make sure the instructor is Pilates institute trained and not just a random course
  5. maybe pilates but i would def consult with a trainer and a doctor first
  6. Leg lifts and abs weights!

    I love those!
  7. ask for physical therapy, they'll help you
  8. I agree 100%. Ask your doctor or physical therapist.

  9. for OP please don't do leg lifts if done wrong there is a lot of pressure on the spine
  10. sorry I've not been back since I posted this but life with a newborn is hectic!
    Yeah, I suppose I should check with my GP first. I didn't really think of it to be honest. I was just thinking of something easy that I could do at home but yeah, the last thing I need right now is to be laid up with more spinal injuies!

    thanks ladies!
  11. I would see if you can find a qualified pilates instructor or personal trainer. I know there are some trainers here that work with a certain hospital so if people have health issues they'll know what to do. Your doctor could maybe point you in the right direction.