Tonight's Reception at the Wall Street Store

  1. I am so bummed that I can't be there:crybaby:Please, if you are there, post a full accounting of who you see, what there are wearing carrying, stories good and funny about what you see being bought, anyone who drinks too much and dances in the counters...anything!!!!! I want to attend vicariously!!!
  2. Me too...eagerly awaiting recaps!
    I live in Oregon! Enjoy for me too!
  3. The stock market was rallying this morning, there may be nothing left to be seen at the party:smile:
  4. Yes, please let us share in your experiences!
  5. To all of 'our' tpf ladies who are going, have a great time!
    We can't wait to hear all of your wonderful stories. :smile:
  6. About time! May the US stock market stay up! We need all the good news to keep the Asian markets happy!!

    Hope to read all about the party, and may there be lovely pictures to see.
  7. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:331 points today!!!!! THANK GOSH!!! Hopefully the Markets only gets better
  8. Wow, Kyle McLachlan was there with his wife buying a scarf, he is definitely as good looking in life, we all played it cool but I'm sure we're all giggling inside.....saw the Lafayette scarf but just didn't fall in love with it as much as I wanted to.....waiters were adorable (they all came from a modeling agency) and the hors d'ouvres were yummy (but then I will pretty much eat anything)

    Did see the Spring 08 scarfs and have to say I'm going to be loving the year of India

    Also saw the most luxurious fur shearling coat for a toddler that was so soft it made me cry.

    That's my disjointed round up as I hobble home on the train.
  9. What didn't you like about the Lafayette scarf? I'm thinking about getting it in brown, but don't want to waste my money.

    Tell us about the Spring scarves!!! Pretty please??!!! Gosh, it would have been fun to be there - missed it by a week.
  10. I prefer the more animalistic, fantasy style scarfs rather than historical ones so for me it was just a matter of preference. I have a Christopher Columbus scarf and it just sits woodland creatures scarfs get a lot more wear.

    The commerative scarf came in a salmony pink, a medium brown, and a rich blue and strike me as a "framing scarf" rather than wearing...all a matter or preferences

    The year of india scarfs were exactly what I go for. Lots of color, jewel tones, maharajah scenes, horses, elephants, turbans, etc. There was even one based on the mehndi designs done at weddings, very original.
  11. Really? I'd love to have seen that!!!
  12. It was interesting cuz the only colorway they had was ivory with henna toned a brownish orange
  13. Sounds gorgeous!:tup:
  14. ^^Thank you! That scarf does look beautiful!!!