Tonight's maintenance

  1. Sorry about the few hours downtime tonight. Our server techs and me had been optimizing the forum all night and I think the results are pretty promising.

    Turned out that a large & busy Chinese web site was trying to hot link our pictures, which was causing massive loads and slowing the forum down during busy hours. We implemented a custom code to prevent this from happening - so we should be good in that department.

    I've also made changes to the search, which was temporarily down tonight.

    Should anything be broken, please PM me. It's 3:15am I think I've worked enough for today.

    Have a good night everyone! :heart:
  2. Vlad, Mr. Birthday Boy, we truly appreciate all the many, many hours of hard work to keep things running smoothly for us all. My hat is off and the hugs are many!!

  3. Thanks Vlad!! Hope you have a godo nights rest. :sleepy:
  4. thanks vlad.... u're a great daddy to us ;)
  5. keep up the great work! really appreciate it, thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the work. I hope they weren't trying to get pics for making more fake bags.
  7. Vlad, thanks for all the hours you put in to keep this forum running smoothly:smile: We all appreciate it!
  8. Thanks, Vlad! For keeping TPF running smoothly. May the dust fairies give you lots of :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:
  9. ooh!Thanks so much Vlad..GET SOME SLEEP!
  10. Thank you soooo much Vlad!
  11. Vlad- thanks for your constant dedication to all of us...
  12. Thank you Vlad!
    Make sure you rest up properly..
  13. You're a star :smile:
  14. cool!! me and fayden were wondering why some attachments weren't opening
  15. No, only celebrity pictures were being hotlinked.