Tonights American Idol

  1. So??? What did you think???? I do not want to say anything...just incase...(you have not seen it yet!):biggrin:
  2. I saw it !!! but maybe I shoudnt say anything either. :blink: (wow )
  3. I missed the show!!! Who is the American idol???
  4. We will not know until tomorrow about this...who did you favor?
  5. I think Taylor nailed it! What do you all think?

    I think they're both great!
  6. Tonight was just the singing portion. Tomorrow is the results show. :smile:

    I think Taylor might have it. I'm still smarting over Chris being voted off, though, so I really don't care who wins.
  7. I think Cat is a beautiful girl...but I just think that Taylor is so much more FUN!!! I NEVER vote and have been trying for ages...busy. busy. busy.
  8. I won't say too much for fear of spoiling it for the west coasters ;) but IMO, one person definately did much better than the other. :rochard:
  9. Definitely Taylor, he is the clear winner !!! IMO Plus, he has contracts up the wazoo already.
  10. I agreee:yes:
  11. I think Taylor will win. Catherine has a lovely voice and I'm sure she has a bright career ahead of her but Taylor seems to be the favorite. Personally, Elliott was my favorite since day one but I thought Chris would be the winner.
  12. I really was hoping Chris would win...Im sure he will have something recorded soon!
  13. I loved Elliott too, he was such an underdog, not quite as pretty as the rest of them, which made me like him more..
  14. I agree. I always root for the underdog and he has an amazing voice! I'm sure he will go far as well.:yes:
  15. I've been voting for Taylor. Kat sang beautifully, but Taylor sang incredibly well too and just has so much personality!! I think he's great. I'm still irked about Chris, but I'll be thrilled if Taylor wins.

    His finale was amazing!!!