Tonight my house was broken in to and my tokidoki bags.....

  1. First time in my whole life that I feel this violated. I came home from work around 1030pm and my side door was unlocked and backdoor was broken in. I was remember i locked them both, then as soon as I went inside, I saw my kitchen flipped upside down, my computer room with all my clothes were a mess. I have a lot of tokidoki bags in the closet, I dont know if I can tell from it now how many are gone as they are still hiding inside of all the clothes that were removed. My ipod nano on the table was taken and some foreign money from my drawer was taken too. I had just moved in about 3 weeks ago from my old apt and the reason I moved was because it wasnt safe around my neighbor. I chose the city I am in now because I know its very safe ....guess I was wrong. There were many doors to this new house. I have a door from the living room going out, one from kitchen, one from master bedroom, and one from the bathroom leading to my backyard. All of the doors have semi opening with screen. I didnt lock my windows as I thought the place was super safe. I am so sad...I have never had something like this happening to me. I dont know how to cope with it, whether the person will come back or not. He obviously knows my schedule very well, he knows when I am in and out. My husband left the country for a week then came back last weekend, then left for another trip last Tuesday and wont come back till tomorrow. The person obviously knew very well of my life style which is crazy when i had just move in 3 weeks ago.
    They attempted to steal my 24" LCD monitor but I dont know what stopped them as they have already unplugged it. I have 3 pc, one which was assembled by my husband about a week ago, one in my bedroom and one in my computer room, they were all fine.
    my closet were turned upside down, clothes taken out from my drawers, the fact that I know they touched all my clothes makes me feel disgusting. I am washing them all tomorrow. They flipped my bed too and the bathroom. They were looking for money for sure, and neither me or my husband have habit of keeping cash at home. Its such a mess that I can not tell whats stolen or not. I was so worried about my bags, my toys,my collection, but all my toys are still there. My far I can tell from it I have my foresta campeggio, lamore bambino and my transporto mamma mia. dats about it. sorry for making this so long. I just need a place to vent...i am so terrified. My neighbors are all keeping their lights on for me.:sad:
  2. oh dear! i'm so sorry to hear abt it..i hope those low-life get their just desserts *hugs*
  3. sorry to hear that :sad:
    what goes around comes around and those crooks will get their day...
  4. aww *HUGZ* I hope you can catch the person or at least find some comfort somehow :heart:

    when I was little we had our house broken into (once and only time thank god) and they stole a lot :sad: luckily we had a big fat safe that can't be moved w/o a furniture dolly so they couldn't get really important items but we had a hunch it was our neighbors down the street for various but they couldn't prove it :sad:

    but luckily you weren't home when they did go thru your house right? it could've been worse? :smile: glad you're safe tho!!
  5. I'm sorry. That's a really scary thing, at least nobody was injured. I'm sorry that I can't offer better comfort than that.
  6. thanks guys......I can not really relate when this is heard on the news all the time or through newspaper. Now that it happened to me, I am just so overwhlemed by it. And you keep thinking this would never happen to you, is full of surprises. You never know if you will get violated until it really happen in front of your eyes.
  7. wow, that is really sad that people do that to other people. Karma is a B**** and he/she will get what is coming to them. I'm so sorry for what you are going through, I know it must be so hard to know someone has violated your space (i had my car broken in to, stolen and vandalized). We all are sending positive vibes and prayers your way!
  8. if I see any tokidoki bags on eBay...hahaha...I will know for sure who it was.....and I am going to search on eBay to see if anyone has an apple nano for sale w/o box,cord, etc...lolz
  9. kokebon - So sorry to hear about what happened. I can't imagine how horrible that must be and to have your husband out of town at the time is all the more frightening. My best wishes are with you.
  10. OMG Kokebon I'm so sorry that happened to you :sad: I am glad that you're safe though and that you weren't home when it happened. It disgusts me that people do things like this and steal from others. Like everyone said, they will get what's coming to them. My thoughts are with you!!
  11. :flowers: So sorry to read the sad news... it's a horrible thing to go through. Hard as it may seem, just be thankful that you weren't around when it happened and that you are safe now.
    Just a thought: maybe they decided not to get the monitors because it would have been to bulky to carry out??
  12. How scary! What did the police say? Is there a neighborhood watch? Regardless, I think it's time to get an alarm system since you're home alone a lot, and it will give you peace of mind.

    This is just horrible, but I'm so glad that you weren't home during the invasion. I have very violent thoughts for those kinds of animals.
  13. Sorry to hear about your break in. I am relieved that you weren't home or that no one was physically hurt when this happened. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sending you a hug and wishing you all the best.
  14. oh my gosh! *hugs* what a sense of violation! i'm so sorry to hear about this horrible situation. good thing you weren't there at the time. i second the idea of buying an alarm system, if only for your peace of mind.
  15. Sweetie, I'm so sorry that happened to you!! Since they seemed to be looking for something specific, and you just moved in a few weeks ago, it makes me think that maybe they were looking for something the people before you had...maybe they didn't even know they had moved? What do you know about the people who lived there before you?

    In any event, chin up, chest out...take comfort and strength in the process of putting everything back together...and if the police find the people who broke in and you need all us crazy women to come beat them up, we'll do it!!!!

    Hugs to you,