Tonight is the night....what to wear?

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  1. Tonight is the LV party and I'm not sure what to wear. Do people dress up or down? maybe I'm overthinking it but I don't want to be out of place. suggestions?
  2. Which party are you going to? I'm going to the Galleria Dallas party tonight and I asked my SA what the dress is. She said dressy casual, nothing too formal. You can always call the store and ask them. I'm sure dress depends on where your store is located. Have fun! Oh, and what bag are you carrying?

  3. the one in houston. I'm so embarrased but I'm going to carry one of my sister's :shame: She's the one who invited me. She says I can pick. i will be happy with anything. ha ha ha. What are you carrying?
  4. Well, it could change at any given moment, but for now I've chosen my black epi jasmin. Why are you embarrassed? You're so lucky you have a sister close by that you can borrow bags from. My sis is a 7 hour drive from here, so we don't get to trade. I envy you, getting to go with your sister. I'm going with my husband, but it's so much more fun going with a girl!!