Tonight I saw all the LE Fall Winter bags in person!!

  1. It was so awesome! My first trunk show! I even had a glass of champagne. Tons of people showed up and they closed the store, as well. It was like a party, heh.

    What I remember:

    The most amazing bag of all was the Delft Mirage with blue croc and ostrich trim. OMG. It was TDF. Interior is all blue leather. Gorgeous! Blue mirage fade! Price: $8000+ So, way out of my range, but if you can afford it, GET IT.

    Mirage Speedy 30 in black: This is the one I waitlisted for. My SA told me September 15 release date. It's amazing and beautiful. There is a seam on the bottom! So the LVs face upright on both sides. The bottom is black with monogram, then it fades up the bag into the zipper, where there is just brown canvas. Interior is dark gray alcantara with one pocket. Shiny black patent leather handles and zipper pull. Loved it.

    I also saw the bags with sheepskin trim, they are LINED in sheepskin, too! Whoa.

    The clutches are neat, though not my style. Soft and squishy, can be carried like a book under the arm.

    There were only around 10 or 12 bags total and no wallets or anything. All LE, no seasonal stuff like the Tivoli, unfortunately.

    As for me, I bought myself the black on black monogram shawl. I also tried on the Ajaccio Sandals in moka and will hopefully pick up a pair in my size in a few days. They will be my first LV shoes and I am justifying it by remembering the fact that when I leave my job, I still have 200 hours of vacation time coming to me in the form of a check, muahaha!!

    Please feel free to ask me any questions about the other LE bags, I picked up all of them!!
  2. Thanks for the your purchase:heart: Did you see the motard pochette? Thoughts on it please??
  3. That's awesome! I wish I had to the time to go to this trunk show.. :sad:

    I am just LOVIN' those sandals in Moka!!! :drool:
  4. How fun! Ours is Friday, one of my SAs sent a reminder about it with pictures of all the bags and a price list. I can't wait!
  5. thanks for the detailed description of the mirage speedy. this is THE f/w bag on my list. thanks again!!! :smile:
  6. This is the one I saw in blue, absolutely stunning, details were unreal. The blue monogram fade is especially striking.


    Saw this one too, very chic but a bit heavy. I liked the brown one better better. Inside is canvas, with a gold frame bag insert and open pockets on either side of the frame.



    This one feels like thin plastic almost? I guess it's patent leather? I wasn't sure. Lined in sheepskin, also has the frame clasp and side pockets. HUGE.


    Here is the Motard, which was pretty but not my style. Soft, large, puffy.

  7. I took these pics from Label Addict's posts, btw, just for reference's sake since it's easier to remember the bags by seeing the pics.

    This is that awesome Speedy 30 in black, just such a cool bag. I'm very tempted just because it's so unique and LE, like the Perfo only much much better, in my opinion. The black patent trim is awesome, much easier of course than vachetta.

  8. Thanks for your very informative report!
  9. wow, can't wait!!!!!
  10. Awesome! Thank you for sharing!
  11. Thanks for the info!! Did you see the griet? If so, what was the lining on the inside and was the bag pretty large?
  12. The Griet actually did seem pretty large. It was one that I spent the least amount of time with though because someone else was always playing with it! So I didn't see the lining. Hopefully another trunk show goer will have more info on the Griet.
  13. That's really cool. :smile: Are you all set to move?
  14. thanks for sharing jane!! I was actually gonna ask you if you attended this event!! I couldn't make it today, long day at work and was stuck in the eat bay....but I was hoping someone from the bay went!! I can't wait to see these irl...they just sound purely amazing!!!:tender:
  15. I don't actually leave SF for another month, so I'll have lots of time to plan and pack and sell stuff before we go.