** Tonia's (aka Divalicioust) Collection **

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  1. love your bags and esp. the astor! You model them well.
  2. Great bags and love the modeling pics!
  3. I love your collection and you make them look so good...
  4. Love your collection Tonia. You are rockin those beautiful bags. I love the Kenneth Cole Link In Tote. Where did you find that one?
  5. I love how you presented your showcase! And your collection is beautiful ... you and your SO looks so cute together too!
  6. Thank you SP! :smile:
  7. Thanks so much for the link. I will try to stalk ebay for one. I really like the chocolate brown.
  8. Beautiful bags! The color of that Michael Kors Astor is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more. You're so pretty in your modeling pics!:yes:

  9. :yes:yum...yum.... lovely bags..... but where's the hello kitty purse.... its a cutie.... used to collect kitty's when I was 18 but then I got too old for it.... handed them over to my niece....:cursing: made a total wreck!!! anyway.... thanks for showing off your bags.... will take pics for mine soon....
  10. We are two peas in a pod Tonia! I worked with Federated as well and absolutely refuse to pay full retail. I've only done so on items I was sure would sell out!

    Cute collection! Get your ANTM on! LOL
  11. Looking fab and you have great style! Congrats on your hot bags!!! :tup:
  12. Very nice collection! You are the queen of deals!! :queen: You and your SO look very cute together!
  13. Wow, small world, it really does change how you shop, right? ;)

    LOL@ get your ANTM on! :roflmfao:
  14. Thank you; he's happy that I'm a bargain shopper, lol.