Toni posts about design rip-off

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  1. Some of you have wondered if Hayden-Harnett items are ever counterfeited - turns out that the bigger worry is that their ideas are copied by another company. It's astounding that a company I formerly had respect for (Gaiam) has fallen this low.

    This is a great piece; read and be educated:
  2. Great read, thanks for posting! Kick butt HH!
  3. Wow I'm shocked that another company copied their backpack, which looks really cute btw and I'm sad is sold out. I love the fact that I don't really worry about HH fakes and I hope it stays this way.
  4. :wtf:Darn there no shame in the design world? The HH backpack looks like a version of the corcovado..the colors are unisex...shoot..:nuts:the Gaiam one is adorable and I love the color and the print...HH...please please....karma may be a byatch..but....could you maybe use one of your amazing prints to do a backpack..;)?
  5. That is totally crazy ripping off the backpack design. They will copy anything now a days won't they.
  6. Wow, that is some nerve =|
  7. Thanks India for posting this! I can't believe they have no recourse!!! It is WRONG WRONG WRONG. I'm going to write them, too.

  8. I've never heard of that brand. Then again, I don't do yoga.
  9. That little metrocard pouch ( rectangle with a little half circle cut out and a dangling O ring) is a DIRECT rip from HH's Pallenberg clutch/Corsaire tote/backpack. The little card pouch is very specific on HH designs.
  10. Here is the message I sent to GAIAM through their contact page:

    I was saddened to read about this company's design theft (please reference the backpack that was designed exclusively for Anthropologie by Hayden Harnett of Brooklyn, NY). I earn my bread and butter as an artist, and it is particularly distressing to me when another artist's design is stolen. This seems at odds with how GAIAM presents itself to the buying community- I will be sure to pass along my thoughts about design theft and GAIAM to my girlfriends in Yoga and Bar Method class.

    Very poorly done, indeed. In the future, please take care to be ethical in how your business is conducted. Those of us who fit your target demographic do actually care about these things.

    Bonnie Bandurski
  11. Very well put Bonnie! I will be intrested to see if they reply to you and what they say if they do.
  12. You GO, woman! Absolutely perfect!

    And GAIAM is not just a 'Yoga' business - I've purchased the occasional item through their web site, and I don't do Yoga ...

  13. Kudos!
    Great comments.
  14. Gingey - HH has done a print backpack for Anthropologie. In fact, the Anthro ones have been out for several seasons, before HH has done them for... HH. You can sometimes see them on Ebay or on the Anthro site.
  15. Great email Bonnie!