1. What are their purpose? And when in the regimine should they be used?
  2. They help cleanse, freshen the pores, and to get out the excess dirt/oils that the cleanser does not remove....

    Yes they are essential, and you should use it after the cleanser and before the moisturizer. It adds an extra freshness.
  3. Thanks, so this should be 2x daily with the cleanser? And what if I'm using a mask.. before or after or not in conjunction with?
  4. I believe this is the order:

    Moisterizer (this necessary also)
  5. Toners also help close the pores, because when you wash your face with warm water, your pores open to get things out when u tone it helps get the rest out and closes em!
  6. i dont believe in toners. most have alcohol and dries the skin. I just do cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize
  7. Clinique's toner is an exfoliating really should tone though....Mary Kay has toning beads in their Timewise Cleanser, and so do some others.
  8. Aveda makes a good exfoliating toner
  9. There have been a few good threads on toners--if you search you may find some additional helpful info.

    I use toner--it feels like I'm removing any remaining cleanser residue before moisturizing.
  10. I have oily skin, so I feel like for me, a toner is essential.
  11. The only toner I've ever tried is Clinique's, and it does a pretty good job. I have oily skin, and it helps a lot.
  12. I believe in toner too. All the dermatologists I have visited (3 so far, and have finally found a good one) recommend toner for your cleansing routine. It makes sense, coz toner can help cleanse the excess dirt that the cleanser does not remove. It better prepare your skin for moisturizer/night cream.
  13. i have tried MANY toners in the past and finally found the BEST one ( for me!--i have combination skin)

    MERLE NORMAN AHA's the green one.
  14. Thanks girls, I Have a Peter Thomas Roth Toner... never used it just bought it bc it was on sale and I got the cleanser and scrub... I'll integrate it in the regimen for a week and see how it treats me!
  15. I'm not sure why a toner is good for you, but the estheticen I go to says they're necessary so I use either Skinceuticals or Obagi. My skin is oily. I guess it helps. I've been doing it for so long now it would feel "wrong" not to.