1. Hi,

    I'm wondering if it's necessary to apply toner after cleaning your face and before moisturizer? From what I've heard, some say yes, some say no SO I'm confused.

    Please let me know what you think. If yes, what good does it do to our skin?

    ps. I have combination, acne-prune skin type so my skin looks kinda somewhat oily somewhat dry. :push:
  2. I use Dermalogica's Multi Active Toner - hydrates and preps skin for moisturizer. Very very good.
  3. ^^^:yes:

    With oily/combo skin, a specific toner geared toward your skin type will also help with exfoliation, and your moisturizer and foundation or powder will set much better on your face.
    Don't forget the sunscreen.:heart:
  4. My plastic surgeon I HAVE to use it though! I love the fresh feeling. I just do not feel my face is clean without it. I use Skin Medica. I LOVE IT!
  5. I have oily skin and I just use Witch Hazel as a toner. Love it.
  6. I have combination skin too, and I use Lush's Breath of Fresh Air. While it does not help the oily parts too much, it's very good for the dry areas and it makes my face look healthier.
  7. I have major oily skin and I've used all types and the one sticking with is Burts Bee's Tomato Toner for Oily & Troubled Skin. It has a slight tingle but doesn't dry out your skin. The price is definitely right and awesome tomato scent.
  8. i have combination skin. I am an anti-toner girl for sure. It's a total waste of money for me.

    If I'm feeling a little oilier on occasion I'll save my money and just use witch hazel on my t-zones, or, good old fashioned hydrogen peroxide. It bleaches out blackheads!
  9. I feel like I need a toner especially at night to make sure I've gotten all the makeup off. I prefer using an alcohol-free toner though. I think it's better to use it than all these scrubs and microdermabrasion on a regular basis. Try just using one when you feel extra oily or flaky.
  10. i generally wash my face, apply toner, and then moisturize
  11. I have combination skin and I feel toner is a must. I use it to make sure all of make up is off. I like Bobbi Brown's toner. It lasts me like 5 months and it is pretty inexpensive.
  12. Since I have been using Philosophy's Purity cleanser, I have not needed a toner. It seems to be almost built in. I love how my skin feels after using this cleanser. I put my serum and moisturizer on right afterwards.
  13. Highly recommend Kose's Sekkisei. Best toner I've ever used. I have comb/oily skin.
  14. I use Mario Badescu's glycolic toner. good stuff!
  15. I use Bobbi Brown's brightening facial toner. I put it on before everything. I don't know if it does anything but I like the way it makes me feel. And early in the morning, that's important. ;)