Toner for oily/combo skin?

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  1. I use Cetaphil cleanser and Clinique's Superdefense moisurizer and was wondering if any of you have recommendations for a good toner for oily skin.

    Thank you!
  2. Try The Body Shop Tea tree oil freshner toner. 100% natural witch hazel and tea tree oil which leaves your skin clean without makeup, dirt, and removes shine and prevents blemishes. It has a nice smell, doesn't dry your face with alcohol, and you get an 8.4 oz. bottle for only $10.
  3. I used to use Origins' A Perfect World Toner which works well, however now I use Bobbi Brown which fits my skin better. I think you should get some samples and try each out for a week.
  4. I like the one by Obagi.
  5. ^^I've been really interested in Obagi...but is it really drying to the skin? I'm also on acne medication (minocycline) and don't know if it would complement each other?

    Thanks for all your replies!
  6. It doesn't dry my skin out at all, but I think we're all apt to have different reactions. My skin is super oily, so I doubt much of anything would dry it out. I don't know what minocycline is, but I get chemical peels and microdermabrasion on a regular basis. I also use MD Forte glycolic acid lotion and that is really, really strong stuff.
  7. I found this on my travels to Asia, very popular there. No wonder they have such beautiful skin!

    Fancl Fenatty Lotion (it's a toner not moisturizer)
  8. I'm loving the SKII Facial Treatment Clear Toner. And I love Dermalogica's Multi-active toner.
  9. Clinique's toner #2. It's the one that looks purple on the bottle.
  10. one with a clay in the bottom (which soaks up oil) is good. ive found that lancome's pure focus toner is good, and also clinique's anti blemish solutions is great too
  11. If you use the clinique system, then you need to use 3 or 4 NOT 2, Level 2 is for combination skin....3 -oily, 4 very oily. And use the soap for oily skin....For your moisturizer you need a gel based moisturizer, nothing creamy that will add extra oil, and maybe at an oil mattifier to your routine....this will help control the oil.
  12. do all toners have alcohol? that is what has kept me away from toners in the past. it just strips away my skin. i figure w/ good cleansing do i need to tone?
  13. No, not all toners have alcohol, although many do. If you are confident that your cleansing regimen removes pretty much all the dirt, makeup, etc. from your face, I'd say it's not vital for you to tone. I like to use toner just in case my cleansers don't remove all the bacteria and dirt. It doesn't hurt to be extra clean. :biggrin:
  14. ^^ i use the shu uemura mineral cleansing oil and it even removes eye makeup.
  15. I have heard that it's a very good cleanser. I don't think you need to invest in some toner, just remember that it won't hurt. Unless it contains alcohol, which is very very drying to the skin.