Tone It Up on BRAVO

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  1. Does anyone watch this show?
    Tone It Up on BRAVO tv.

    Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson have taken the web by storm with their website which receives over 1.8 million unique visitors a month and over 600 twitter mentions per hour. Although the two are business partners, they are also best friends, roommates, and much more. Making no apologies for who they are, these women use their "yoga smarts” to push themselves and their brand to wild extremes. Whether they are speaking in their special language of "meows" or debating the merits of bug propellant, the dynamic duo have created an exercise revolution that has already inspired millions.

    Tone It Up also has some extra muscle behind it: Brian Scott, Katrina’s fiancé; Brian Leckrone, "The Details Man"; and Stephen Hodgson, Katrina’s brother and the girls’ videographer. With these guys on their team, Tone It Up is a force to be reckoned with.

    I dunno .... I started following them on Instagram when they were in Hawaii (Oahu) shooting their first dvd.

    I found them cute and a bit inspiring. And got the dvd and liked the workouts to add to my running/spinning etc.
    But didn't buy their meal plan as I think there's enough online to maybe eat the same way.

    However I am not crazy about their BRAVO show.
    I have seen a lot of past video's of theirs on You Tube and they seem so natural but on this show they just seemed like they are trying too hard.

  2. I like the fact that there is a fitness show on TV other than the biggest loser or extreme makeover...I usually end up feeling crap watching this because their bodies are amazing but you bet your *** I'm off to the gym right after!

    I don't buy into their fitness program because I prefer the intense cardio/weight lifting thing but I still appreciate their fitness.
  3. how old are these women?
  4. Ugh they are such idiots. I have their DVD's and I like perfect for protein but these chicks needed to stay away from TV
  5. Too old to be meowing like cats and acting like they can't survive without each other (particularly the single one).

    I agree with the fiancé, it's time for them to move or she needs to move out!
  6. I have a feeling there could be a ten year difference between them. Katrina could easily be 35 and Karena only 25.
  7. I like the show and find them endearing. Something about their quirkiness I really like.
    I guess its their personalities I like because I don't care much for the youtube fitness videos.
  8. I agree with all this!

    It looks like Katrina (blonde one, I get confused) is 29 or 30. According to linkden she graduated college in 2006. I'm assuming she graduate at 21/22. Karena was 25 in 2007 (according to some race results online) so that makes her about 32.

    Did anyone see the last episode with the mess in their hotel room?! For reals!
  9. I tried to watch the first episode. Even tried to use it as motivation to work out as I watched.

    They were a bit annoying. Okay, a lot annoying. It just wasn't my cup of tea and I didn't make it to 25 minutes. What's going on with Bravo's new shows? Is it just me or are

  10. I started watching but my cable provider took it off my on-demand menu :sad:
  11. Watched the 30min preview a few months ago. No thanks.
  12. Their bodies are perfection. The work outs are not very intense so I wonder how they stay in such great shape.

    Their business sense is all over the place. How did they get to where they are by being like that?

    Don't think they will make the company hugh with their work attitudes. They have no idea how to run the co.
  13. Totally agree!!!!!!!!!
    And the way they drink. They must not eat because their bodies are unreal.
  14. Oh and for the record I called it the wrong show. It's Toned Up not Tone it Up.
    Tone it Up is the name of their site.