Tonail fungus

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  1. One of my friends who I haven't seen in a few weeks just showed me her tonails and she has fungus on one. She is desperate to find something to help it. Can anyone offer advice? She was put on medication about 6 months ago-I think they might have been some type of antiobotics that she was supposed to take for a few months but she said they upset her stomach so she stopped taking them. Then she tells me her nail girl will give her pedicures even though it is against the health codes if one has fungus (I am very happy not to go to her salon for pedicures:rolleyes:.) And I think this has now made me paranoid about getting pedicures.
    Has anyone had this problem and how did you get rid of it. Another friend has said to use Listerine mouthwash and another said bleach (UGH---), so I hope she is not going to start some crazy things that can do more damage than good.
  2. my understanding is that there are a few at-home remedies that will work, but it takes persistence and dedication. One that I have heard of is using either tea tree oil or white vinegar and painting it at the base of the toenail every day for about 6 months, or until all the fungus is grown out. It need to be done every day because you have to de-fungus the new nail growth of the nail as it comes in until the entire infected portion has grown out.

    Either that, or take powerful anti-fungal pills, prescription only, for an extended period of time. These can damage the liver.

    There is lots of info about this out there if you google for it.
  3. She needs to go back to her doctor and get a different medication that won't upset her stomach. That's the only way it will clear up for good. And she needs to stop getting pedicures while it clears up for her health and the other patrons at the salon!
  4. I would not think of doing this, but my cousin had hers pulled out to get rid of the problem toenail. She's a doctor so she has a high level of tolerance for this kind of pain, I guess. Once, I stubbed my toe. The toenail which actually had fungus died and a fresh new toenail grew in its place. But I think it took a year.
  5. She refuses to go on any medication. Our friend who works at a spa said the toenail also needs to breath and she should be wearing sandles but she can't at work, so she wears socks and shoes. He also said if you have it on one nail and you have a crack in another nail it can get to the other nail. Another friend had had this for years on all his toenails, he has tried everything including medications and nothing has worked for him. My friend said her doctor said you can have what ever causes this fungus in your body for years and it could be from 2 years ago and she just got it. This does not really make sense to me but I am not a doctor.
    Thanks for your replies, I will see if I can talk her in to going back to the doctors. She would freak if it spread to her other nails. She wears fake nails so I wonder if she could have problems with her nails and not even know it since they have been covered for years.
  6. Hmmm...i have this small problem too and my Dr put me on Lamisil for 3 months (tmi, i I know the DR said there was a slight risk of damaging my liver but it's a small price to pay to go back and getting my pedicures!! lol
  7. I have heard that covering the nails either with false nails or even not taking nail varnish off & going without for periods can cause this. I know of someone had it & she was told to put Tea Tree on as all the medications have side effects!
    Since I heard of this I always go with out nail varnish in Winter when my toes are not exposed just in case LOL
  8. Exactly! I feel really bad for your friend, but she is putting others at risk by getting pedicures, especially if the salon isn't disinfecting their tools and tubs properly. I'm sure there must be various medications she can try. I'm not up on toe fungus, but if the problem persists surely it gets worse?
  9. I can't believe her salon will still give her pedicures and it makes me think if hers does others probably do. So now I am hesitant to go and get a pedicure. I will probably do my own this week. I did buy a nice foot spa last year that heats the water and has jets and it is really quite relaxing to use but I hate to paint my toenails because I do such a bad job. It just creeps me out when I hear/see things done in a salon ect. that are unsanitary. I was at the barbers with my Dad and the barber cut about 6 men's hair before my dad, he did their eyebrows too with the clippers. I never saw him use a new comb or clean the clippers. This totally grossed me out.....
  10. ^ You should report her salon to the department of health!
  11. ^^the nail salon never reject a customer...i have seen soooo many women w/ their toe nails infected (when their nail polished was removed). it's very disgusting to look at. my big toe was infected and i never went to a salon anymore. it's very dangerous.
    those women and nail salons have absolutely no concern for other people's well being. 2 coworkers of mine also had fungus and it didn't stop them from going. i asked them if it will affect other women...apparently they couldn't care less.
    very aggravating to hear.
  12. I agree it is all about the money! I would never ever put my feet in one of those salon baths, God knows whose feet were there before yours & what they had! YEUCH!
  13. Yuck.

    Anyway, my podiatrist sells anti-fungal nail polish if you have a minor to moderate case. There are also prescription topicals available.
  14. I've had fungus on my big toe for going on 12 years now. Over the past few years it started to spread to other toes. No home remedy will work you have to get medicine for it. The problem with that is most insurance places WON'T pay for it because they consider it "cosmetic" which I think is bullcrap. The medicines for it are very expensive. I'm going to a specialist soon and she should probably do the same!. Good luck to her!
  15. What does the fungus look like? My big toe nails are white about half way up when I remve the polish.
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