Tomorrow's the last day to turn in my bag for store credit at BalNY...


Tomorrow's the last day to turn in my bag for store credit at BalNY...

  1. Keep the Marine City

  2. Bring it back to BalNY, you can find something better

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  1. I got a Marine City last weekend from BalNY, and have been debating whether I should keep it or bring it back to BalNY to get store credit for another bag.

    I've been racking my brain over this all week. I've tried it on in front of the mirror with different clothes on, and it does look really beautiful and chic. But, I can't help but feel that there might be another better color out there. I still haven't even seen the summer collection colors in person! I also prefer a larger bag and thought of bringing it back anyway to get a Part-Time instead.

    Looking back,I should have waited a bit before jumping in and buying a BBag (especially when buying from the BalNY store, due to their restrictive exchange policy!).

    So, I'll ask you, wise Balenciaga gurus...what should I do?

    -Should I keep the Marine City (it's a classic color and shape)?
    -Should I bring it back to BalNY (you can get a better color).

    My ultimate purse collection goal is to collect standout purses where regular people would appreciate my purses, while getting street cred from serious bag aficionados. But most of all, I want it to fit into my life and be able to fit in with me when styles change, for a long time to come.

    Please help! The clock is ticking :sweatdrop:
  2. If you really like the Marine city, I say keep it.:yes: Afterall you've tried it on with all your clothes and you think it's chic! Because once you exchange it for a different bag (whether color or size) and you go home and realize that you don't like it...yikes. Final sale!:push:

    Take a peek at what they have. When you see something else that gets your pulse racing then exchange it for that one...or just play it safe for now and settle with the Marine (I'm sure sometime this year/month you'll go out there to buy another color anyway :roflmfao: )

    That's how I see it. But at the end of the day, it's your bag. Yours to keep...

    and yours to love.
  3. Yeah, I figure I could go back at least to see what else came in since I purchased the Marine...and if there's nothing there that piques my interest, I can still keep the marine!

    And, you're totally right that I"ll be buying another color fact I already did 2 days ago! (Camel Part-Time)...

    Ohhhhh I had no idea that the Balenciaga fever would get this bad! :push:
  4. Have you figured out what you don't love about it?

    Based on what you said I would return it and get a Marine Brief with GH. It is still a classic color but it has a very cool shape and the GH makes it a standout handbag.
  5. I recommend you go back and at least look at other bags. My experience is if the bag doesn't completely take your breath away at first site, it will sit in the closet and you will regret the purchase! Go find your dream bag!:love:
  6. Can you return it for store credit instead of exchange? That would take the pressure off, and you could have the luxury of waiting until the perfect bag catches your eye!
  7. It gets the best of us. Once you start, you don't stop. :nuts:

    Just bring the bag along with you when you go tomorrow so you'll have the option of doing the exchange in case you find something that suits you better.

    And don't forget to update us of their wonderful collections! :rolleyes: I'm going there this coming Saturday and I am super thrilled to see what else they have.

    Have fun tomorrow...and choose wisely (Eeek, I sound like your grandmother or something):push:
  8. My opinion is, if you are unsure about it - return it for store credit or exchange. I remember you went in there with the intention of getting anotehr color and ended up walking out with the marine city. It sounds like an impulse buy. Return it and sit on it for awhile and decide what color you really need and love.

    I, personally, love navy blue bags - so for me, the marine is a keeper - but I knew I wanted one without even seeing it. You should get the color that gets you excited.
  9. The bag is lovely, but you don't love it enough to keep it.

    It's kind of like a boyfriend. If you really have to think about whether he's marriage material, he's not.
  10. The biggest sticking points with this bag is

    1) the shape. I prefer a bigger bag, but feel obligated to have a City in my collection because it's the classic Bbag shape


    2) The color. Yes, the Marine is beautiful and classic. But it's also very safe, and I'm afraid I would get bored with it. Plus, I keep reading about these unique and highly coveted collection colors (i.e.-pewter, ink, magenta, etc.) that I want to see if I could find one that I would love as well.

    stylefly- I've read on the forum that you can receive store credit, and that the credit doesn't expire. I'm thinking of holding out for the collection colors to come in later this month, and then I'll be able to pick from the entire collection (at least I hope!). I have a feeling there will still be some Marine city bags left by the end of this month, if I decide to go back to it.

    incoralblue- I've just packed the bag and it's now ready to bring to the store tomorrow! (Receipt, tags, dustbag- check!). I'll definitely update the board and let you guys know what colors are in as of my visit tomorrow.

    flipflopstyle4u- Thanks! :flowers:. I know my dream Bbag is waiting for me, and I have a good feeling I'll be happy with my decision tomorrow. These bags are quite expensive so I want to be 100% sure I'm happy with what I end up with.
  11. you hit the nail on the head! It was definitely an impulse buy, and I really was too excited. I won't regret it if I end up keeping it, but I'd just like to know if there's something better out there. Like what Rondafaye said, it is very much like figuring out if a boyfriend is marriage material! (Great analogy, by the way!). If I it is meant to be, the Marine will find its way back to me. Otherwise, it will be "the one that got away" :p

    I will go to BalNY tomorrow and see what's there. During my first visit, the SA (Daphne) only brought out the bags in the colors I asked for, but didn't show me *all* the colors that they had available. I should be more demanding this time around.
  12. That marine city is insane! That is my taste though, If you don't love it, give it back. You would know if you love it.
  13. from the tone of ur writings, i sense u're not really satisfied...
    so i'll vote for getting another colour :yes:
  14. You know what. This is too funny because this sounds just like something I would do. I would be in agony over the fact that I didn't see all of the colors they had. Second guessing my purchase because - what if there had been another color there that would have made me faint from desire if I had only had the sense to ask them to bring it out and show it to me. It wouldn't matter if I loved the color I bought. I would be too curious about the ones I didn't see....
  15. I reckon, you should definately take it back with you and have a look. If you dont fall in love with it from the start you probably never will and it will end up sitting there unused when you do find something you love :love: !