Tomorrow's the big day-wish me luck!

  1. You may remember me mentioning in previous threads my unfortunate shopping suspension:cry: b/c building new house:love:. I know I sound like a broken record, but who knew floors and countertops were so expensive. Anyway, despite that fact that 2 new MJ bags somehow mysteriously arrived at my front door:whistle:, we are FINALLY ready to list our current house for sale. If you knew how much trauma I've endured just getting this house showcase ready with the kids around:amazed:-nonetheless the realtor arrives tomorrow to put the sign on my lawn:roflmfao:. Wish me luck girls-want to get this baby off my hands asap. Seriously-throw in a few prayers too-I just discovered my son's dirty socks in the dining room:yucky:. A woman's work is never done!
  2. Good luck JJ's Mama!!!! I hope it sells quick!!
  3. Good luck hun! My finger's are crossed. I'm sure it's hard keeping the house perfect for market with the kids home. Keep us posted!
  4. Good luck JJ! Wishes for a quick Jersey sale! Homes in my neighborhood sell really quick maybe yours will too.
  5. I'm crossing my fingers for you! Goodluck!
  6. Good luck! Of course you'll need a big shopping trip as a present once your house sells. hehehe
  7. Good luck with your sale!!!

    I help out my realtor BF on some of his open houses, we reassure the homeowners that everything's going to be okay. Let me know if you have any questions, but best of luck... ENJOY! It's the realtor's job from now on, you just relax and plan out your shopping purchases for when it sells lol
  8. Good Luck to you!
  9. Wishing you and your family the best of luck and a speedy sale!
  10. Good Luck!! Im sure it will sell quickly :biggrin:
  11. good luck and hope you have a speedy sale.
  12. Thanks ladies for all the good wishes. BTW-I like how you all think. Mmmm-what shall I buy myself as an I sold my house gift:idea:. Would chat more, but hear baby screaming upstairs (she has no interest in daddy:cry:smile: gotta run
  13. Good luck, I feel for you! We went through the house selling drama last year, kiddies and a dog too. It will all work itself out, sending good vibes your way.:biggrin:
  14. JJ'S MAMA: Good luck, hope it sells asap!!!
    As for your well-deserved gift to yourself, we will sure have lots of recommendations for you! =)

    Which 2 MJ bags mysteriously arrived? =)

  15. Good luck with selling the house! I hope it sells quickly and you get a good deal!