tomorrow's simone signing

citta rosa

Tokidoki pusher
Jul 23, 2007
Is everybody on this forum from HI going? What are you getting signed?
What time should I get there if I want free stuff? What supplies should I bring?

I'm not sure if I can go, it depends on my sister. I would love to have my journal signed.


Need intervention!~
Aug 26, 2007
Hi cr, here's another thread on the subject with some tips:

SO WHO's GOING?! :hysteric:
Line-camping buddies is a good idea!! And it would be nice to see each other in person. :smile:

Depending on baby I'm not sure I can make it 'til the end to get something signed...but we'll see. I would want my uchiwa and maybe a couple of bags signed on the inside.

Also, I was thinking if we all put something pink on our bags (the original tpf forum color) that could be our super secret signal! Let's all try! This is what I'd put on mine...



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Aug 25, 2006
I went the first time, here are some tips: get there early (people started standing in line really early and they tried to close the line at a certain amt. of people in line), the Uchiwa fans were passed out early so again, if you want one get their early, people in line did get stickers though, go with someone so you can switch off. Someone fainted the last time and the Paramedics had to come and take her away so bring food and drinks--it is super hot. We were in line for like 5 hours.

My little one is sick so we won't be making it this time. Have fun everyone and take pics!