Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow ...!

  1. I am FINALLY getting my Gaucho! Today came notice from the postoffice that it has arrived - wheeee!!!

    It has taken forever to arrive and it probably hasn't helped one bit that it was stopped in custom (darn!) so I have to pay a little to get it ... Luckily had set the value to only $200 which lets me off the hook quite cheap (compared to what it could have been!) :tup:

    I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight - ah well, I probably will, it's *only* a bag ... :girlsigh:
  2. yay, congrats! Looking forward to the pics!
  3. how much was customs black swarmer?

    When I ordered from Diabro I told them to just put $100 and I was fine didnt get caught by customs.

    I recently purchased a bag from the Dior Cab outlet which was stopped by customs and the charge is sky high, it was Dior's SA fault she didnt put down the correct shipping charges.
  4. Danish VAT and customs = $ 90 ... but Danish VAT is 25% so that amount was expected!

    I forgot to tell them to put the value lower, they just did that automatically which was kind of them :smile:

    Oh, and I am definately on a ban for now, even if I am looking A LOT at violet Balenciagas ... nice bags *sigh*
  5. Congrats cant wait to see pics
  6. Camilla i have a violet weekender if you`re thinking about violet Bal ...:graucho:

    congrats on the gaucho ! please post pics asap no excuse ! :drool:
  7. ooh congrats cant wait to see pics