Tomorrow Tomorrow I love ya Tomorrow!

  1. less than 24 hours away till heart coin purse launch!
    Yay to all the ladies who waited it out...our time has come!:yahoo:
  2. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I love love your cute..congrats if you are getting one they are so cute:p :p
  3. Looking forward to seeing lots of pics tomorrow! I am not waitlisted for anything, so it sounds like I have little hope of seeing any of the Valentine's goodies IRL. I'll have to enjoy them vicariously here. :smile:
  4. Ooh...I wish I could get one :yes: :biggrin:
  5. Is the launch of every one of them tomorrow? I passed on th MC one today after looking at it... I could've bought it if I wanted to, but as I waitlisted for the other ones I'd rather keep trying for one of those. The MC one is "free" anyhow....
  6. free???
  7. I'm waitlisted on the MC one, so not sure what "free" means... I just called to see if I would get my call tomorrow, I feel like I'm gonna be passed over.... oh well... we'll see what tomorrrow brings.
  8. I'm thinking that she means 'free' as in 'available'.... I'm not sure though...:confused1:

    I didn't get on the waitlist for the heart purse until waaaay late, so I'm not sure if I'll get one.
  9. I sure hope I get a call.
  10. I don't get it...I was told they would be so available..maybe she meant when the second shipment comes in..she said that it would come about a week or two from tomorrow.....

    so no stress yet!!!!
  11. I'm annoyed at my SA. The Hawaii stores (mistakenly) sold the heart change purses early and they sold out of them. The SA told me that they weren't getting anymore because they were LE, so I didn't get on a wait list. Later on, I found out that they are getting more for the Feb 1 launch. :wtf: I'm not sure if I'll get one or not, but you're right... no stress yet!
  12. I just phoned LV Union Square, they still do not have any red inclusion or the new Etoile scarves. I am going to take a chance tomorrow and go in to see what's available. At least I know my key ring will be there.
  13. It's so tempting to drive to Valley Fair tomorrow, bleh!
  14. Pretty much. The shop is free to sell it because I don't think there were anyone else on the waiting list except for me, and I'd rather get the one with the charms. But it's technically not available to you guys overseas anyhow though. The pomme waiting list was quite long and the store diden't know if they'd get any white ones, but just in case I won't get any of those I know the MC one will still be around. (SA assured me that they would get enough pommes for me to have one though so I'm not too worried. I think I'm probably number 3 or 4 on the list. Aslo she told me they'd get more on friday already!)
  15. I went into my store today to check, they were able to SHOW me my heart purse, but I can't have it until tomorrow :crybaby:

    The Saks next door has all three of them in their LV display with a sign that says - for sale Feb. 1, so not sure if they have a waitlist or not. The Perle one looks SO pretty too.