Tomorrow night . . .

  1. Well . . . technically tonight, I'll be in my apartment, on The Purse Forum staring out the window and looking right at the CN Tower!

    I'm SO excited! I'm going to be spending my first night in my apartment! My DVDs and books are still in boxes (and I don't have a bedside table) because that stuff will take three weeks to get there, but my essential furniture is there.

    And Rebecca, I'm stealing your idea of using hooks for some of your purses. Right now, it's only Cherry on the hooks. But I plan to get more clutches and there will be enough clutches to go on the hooks!

    (Rebecca, you're a GENIUS!)
  2. The cable, internet and phone guy will be by to hook up everything and then I just need to pick up groceries, and then I'm all set!

    We haven't hung my cannibal fork yet. The apartment's not complete without my cannibal fork.
  3. This is my loveseat:

    The slipcover is blue and white striped but the stripes are thinner.

    Then I have a square glass topped coffee table. It's a medium reddish wood color with a glass top. I can put coffee table books under the glass.

    My mom gave me one of her Oriental rugs. It's my favorite one. It's this beautiful shade of red.

    Then right in front of my window, I have my computer desk and comfy desk chair.

    My closet is amazing.

    My balcony looks out over the pool.

    And my neighborhood is amazing. You turn the corner and you're right on Yonge Street. There are so many cute little shops and restaurants.
  4. Girl you are like a soda pop bottle somebody shook up and opened! :lol:

  5. :choochoo: :happydance: :yahoo: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm just so damned excited! WOOOOOO!
  6. you forgot to mention the sky dome lol i just like to look at that rather than the tower:yes:
  7. Caitlin ~ Everything Sounds Fabulous (Gorgeous Pieces For Your Living Room!)!!!

    I Can't Wait To Hear How Much You Enjoy Your New Place!!!!! :smile:
  8. Congratulations and have fun decorating and settling in to your new place. It sounds beautiful. I hope you meet some nice neighbors too.
  9. It all sounds fab - hope you have a great first night!:flowers:

  10. :yahoo: Congrats Sweetie!!....I'm excited for you!:yahoo:
  11. From where I am, I can't see the Skydome (or the Rogers Centre, as it's now called). I just see the top of the CN Tower. But I'll take it. To me, it's like getting a view of the Empire State Building from your New York apartment.

    If you're driving from my aunt's house to my apartment, you drive right past the dome, though.
  12. Sounds like you got a pretty nice view!! :biggrin: Hope you enjoy the new place
  13. Toronto is a great city. My favorite place to go is the Museum to see the Henry Moore exhibit! The CN tower is amazing...and you are close to the waterfront too right? GREAT LOCATION! Have fun!
  14. Have a wonderful time and best wishes!
  15. Ooooh, have fun in your new apartment! I am so happy for you!

    Your sofa is very nice, I like that color combo!