Tomorrow my Millie is getting spayed

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  1. :sad: Tomorrow I have to take Millie, the black doxie, to get spayed. She was rescued by me about 5 months ago and found to have mammary cancer. She underwent chemo and is doing better so the vets want to spay her as it will slow the progression of the cancer as well as have many other health benefits.
    I am stressing out!!:crybaby: Any tips from pet lovers?
  2. She will be fine, but makes sure she rests when she gets home. Mine jumped on the couch and popped some stitches. Perhaps a nice warm blanket, Animal Planet on the TV and lots of kisses!
  3. awww well i would suggest buying while you are at the vets one of those plastic collars just IN CASE cause we had to get one for my baby girl cat when she got spayed because she was licking her stitches which isnt good so it may be a good idea to get one just in case you need it! :smile:

    She will be fine tho :smile: just tired and uncomfy for a little bit!

    goodluck!! :smile:
  4. Hugs to your puppy..she will feel better in no time :smile:

    When Porsche got spayed I made sure she didn't try to jump on the bed or couch. I piled a bunch of pillows and blankets on her bed so it would be as comfy as possible.
    I also put a small ottoman next to the bed that way she had a little step to help her get on my bed if she wanted to come visit.

    Also the vet mentioned not to let the stitches get wet.
  5. Thanks everyone, those are awesome suggestions!
  6. Irishgal, let us know how your little girl is doing.:heart:
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about her health issues. I hope she has a speedy recovery. When you get her home from the vet's office just try to keep her as calm as possible for a day or two. Keep us in the loop.
  8. Praying for Millie to have an easy recovery. All our females had no problems and didn't even bother the incision area. Bless you for rescuing Millie. Unless a female is going to be bred, the spaying will cut down the chance of mammary cancer tremendously. More people should be spaying/neutering their pets (I sound like Bob Barker).
  9. Thanks everyone. Millie is home resting now. They usually don't like to discharge them until the next day but since there is no one at the vet during the night I told them I was bringing her home and putting her in a crate so she won't be able to move around. She just ate a small meal and is resting. Thanks for the good thoughts!
  10. Aww glad she is doing well. Hopefully she has a speedy recovery. It's so hard when pets are sick or need medical procedures because you can't explain what is going on to them.
  11. Irishgal--I think its great you got Millie spayed! Both of my Chis are fixed as well :smile:

    As far as tips go, you can give Millie some Rimadyl (prescribed by her vet) to help ease her discomfort. Also, if you don't want to leave the Cone around her head, you can put a cotton shirt on her as long as it covers her suture site.

    Good luck, and I wish Millie a speedy recovery! She is one lucky little dog to have a wonderful person such as yourself come into her life :smile:
  12. She'll be just fine. Lots of love and rest and sympathy, and keep her quiet so she doesn't harm her stitches. Send her our love. ;)
  13. Awwww!! Kisses for Millie. :heart: Sounds like she has a loving momma to take care of her.