Tomorrow Isn't Promised

  1. I had an amazing customer yesterday at this show I'm doing (last day today horray!). She was looking at a fairly expensive necklace ($200+ which for these shows is a lot).

    Her husband told her ... Tomorrow Isn't Promised to Anyone so she should buy it!!! Isn't that a great thought. Live for today because tomorrow isn't reserved. LOL I just got the biggest kick out of that.

    And no, she didn't buy the necklace, but she bought a couple of other things and I was super happy. And she might buy it later, who knows. I'll think good thoughts. :graucho:

    Now I'm off to sit in my booth for 12 hours. :shocked: At least I can sleep all day tomorrow to recover.

    happy Sunday all!
  2. I think it is important people do realize and think from time to time how lucky we all are to have today!!

    Good luck with your show!! I am sure everyone will love your designs :flowers:
  3. What a nice husband! Tomorrow isn't promised so live your life for today! I wish my boyfriend would say that to me when I'm buying purses =)
  4. Do agree with your words Megs.
  5. "Tomorrow isn't promised" - what a great thought. I bet you that lady will regret NOT buying your necklace. CastoCreations, I hope you sell all your lovely creations - you deserve to! :biggrin:
  6. its so nice when someone makes us realize that we should live for the moment, a my friend's mother died last year when she was 16, of an infection after an operation to remove a brain tumor. When i went to the wake, my friend's aunt said this just shows tomorrow is never promised... and i'll never forget that anytime i am debating something i say go for it tomorrow isnt promised
  7. Amen! What a sweet husband. . .I should use that line on my SO ;] LOL :shame:
  8. Wow, I've never thought about that before! Thanks for the insight!
  9. "Live today as your last tomorrow isnt promised"-I called DH @ work because that sounded so familiar and he reminded me his father always says that so it could be Italian or Latin in origin. Wherever it originated it is the only way to live-I could fill a forum with examples as to why!
  10. Hey guys. Got back rom the final day of the show. Phew...I am wiped out but got a great laugh from the douche thread. ROFL!

    I did better than I expected or a Sunday. Friday's sales were totally lame but Saturday was good so overall I'd say it was a success. I think I'm going to sleep ALL day tomorrow. LOL Except I still have to unpack everything. No rest or the weary. :smile:

    So, here's to tomorrow if we are so blessed.
  11. Wow those are some powerful thougyhts you have shared

    thank you