Tomorrow is the day, new bag ...

  1. Well tomorrow is the day, which bag ?
    I just called and they have the mini lin speedy in stock 725$ CND that is no issue. I was going to get the new red cles but TO doesnt have any in stock($215 CND)

    Then I just thought maybe the BH since I sold my piano.

    Thoughts ?
  2. Oooooh go Bh! I really love mine!
  3. BV or BH....both nice
  4. Batignolles Horizontal!
  5. I love my BH!
  6. i prefer the Batignolles Horizontal; it's always easier to have a shoulder bag around
  7. BH. I can't wait to get this bag!!
  8. Pouts no one likes the mini lin speedy?
  9. I do! But, I like the BH too...I'm really no help at all, but I did not want you to think no one liked the mini lin:p ....good luck and you can't go wrong with either!:yes:
  10. Uhh,...I have both the BH, and just got the Mini Lin Speedy for Xmas.

    I LOVE both bags!!! :yes:

    But.......................I prefer handhelds, and also a Speedy "Obsessed" Lover....So yep, you guessed it I'd have to say Mini Lin!!!!!!!! Love the deep dark color, the material is so nice and unique as well! LOVE IT!:heart: I still can't keep my eyes off my Mini Lin! So gorgeous IRL!! WOW!!:nuts:

    Don't get me wrong though...OMG I do adore my BH!!:love: BH is my FAVORITE shoulder bag!! Roomy, easy access (which is a big +!!), Love the shape, the style, etc.

    So...when PFers ask about shoulder bags...I always say BH!!! :yes:

    Just depends on which type of bag you prefer and what's catching your eye more. Look at it this way you can't go wrong with either bag!! LOL!! (IMO)

    Oh geez...I'm not helping!! LOL!:rolleyes:
    Well, Good Luck!!;)
  11. I like the mini lin in the new dune color but not the ebony; I also prefer the BV over the BH.

    Enough with my two cents already, get the BH!
  12. I like the mini lin speedy, but I do better with shoulder bags. Last week I tried to carry my speedy that I bought in July and have only used 3 times, but it annoys the daylights out of me! I wish there was a good shoulder bag in the mini lin line. I haven't seen mini lin in dune.
  13. i love my bh but i covet mini lin
  14. dlg- the saumur in mini lin is fabulous. it can be worn as a shoulder bag or a messenger bag. seriously, look into it. it's my next bag if my so doesn't come through.
  15. BH that is what I am lusting after!