Tomorrow Is The Day, Advice Needed!

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  1. So I'm meeting the store manager tomorrow to get store credit for my galliera gm. I was informed that currently there are none in stock in the whole nation. I really love her but those black marks are driving me insane. I think I might be emotionally attached because a part of me wants to keep it. Should I get store credit and use it toward the Empreiente tote, artsy or suck it up, keep the galliera and deal with the black marks?
  2. Those black marks are a deal breaker for me. I say get the credit.
  3. Thank you!
  4. I thought they already have a solution for those rings? I read that some TPFers had theirs taken in to be fixed.
  5. They did but only for the pm galliera not gm from what I was told. My gm was sent in for repair and came back looking like they never did anything. I still get those black marks after they claimed to have "replaced" the rings!
  6. ^^^Oh, what a shame. That's just not right. Anyways, I love the Artsy Empreinte so I'd go for store credit.
  7. Go for the store credit for the Empreiente.
  8. I say keep the Galliera since I LOVE that bag. I see a few tiny marks, but they do not bother me. If they absolutey bother you, get the credit and get something from the Empreinte line!
  9. You still have your azur hunni... So get the store credit and buy a new piece from the Empriente Collection. So sorry about your awful experience :sad:
  10. I have never seen the black marks but I don't think I could part with mine.
  11. exchange it for store credit.
  12. You say the black marks are 'driving you insane' and it sounds as thought the Galliera has been a source of a lot of in that case I would get a store credit and use it towards a different bag :smile:
  13. I can't believe I'm still having such a hard time letting my mono galliera go! I LOVE this bag but the black marks do bother me everytime I carry it and thinking to myself that a almost $1600 should not look like this!!!
  14. What about getting a PM?
  15. That's another option I might go for! Thanks!