Tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring.....

  1. Will you continue to wear your damier bags. I always considered damier to be for fall/ winter. However, I am having a hard time saying goodbye to my speedy. Anyone plan to wear their regular damier bags year-round??
  2. I do... I wear what I like and feel comfortable in regardless of season.

    Long live my Damier Papillon 30! :p
  3. Oh, Don't remind me! I still don't have my Damier Azur that I really NEED for Spring/Summer!....LOL I am so hoping I can get my hands on one from Elux or the Boutique before the months end (my birthday!)
  4. I will still wear mine. I:heart: it!!!
  5. well im going to be getting my damier this month so yes definatley!!! i dont take notice of 'seaonal colours' really, i just wear what i like! i would LVoe the azur however! I may ring the boutique and see if they have an azur...
  6. ^OT... Why don't you call the Union Square boutique? I hear one member said they had all the Azur collection including the elusive Speedy. Can't hurt if you don't try.

    I think all LV lines are meant to be worn virtually year round with the exception of the designated cruise or f/w collections. Enjoy your Daimer ebene even with s/s.
  7. Although I have been using my azur speedy and saleya more, now the weather has warm up quite a bit, I think it is prefectly fine to use damier in spring/summer time, as long as it kind of matches my outfit for the day. Also, on raining days, I always carry my damier speedy in regardless of the season. :angel:
  8. I was wondering the same thing. I think damier would look really good w/ a white or beige outfit though, nice contrast. I plan on wearing it until May for sure, after that maybe just once in a while but not regularly. Looking forward to more responses in this thread. I get the impression many on this board don't follow seasonal rules and just do their own thing. I think there are also plenty of people who consider a damier a neutral all year bag, I'm undecided on what I think of it. All I know is it's gorgeous and I don't think I can part with it for a whole 6-7 mos. until fall! If I had the damier azur it would make it easier, I'd have more varety but I only have 2 other LV bags, both mono.
    Happy spring everyone!
  9. i wont be using mine, unless i really needed it to match, but mostly not, i don't use my papillon 30 often anyways i always neglect that bag, its kinda hard to get my things in there.
  10. as long as it matches your outfit, wear your damier!!!

  11. ITA...I love my duomo too much. I couldn't imagine "tucking her away" until Fall/Winter....
  12. no. TODAY is the first day of spring!
    which happens to be my b-day!
    (this is not a thread takeover. lol)
    i own a lot of darker clothes right now. i need to do some shopping, but as for lv, i wear them year round!
  13. I will rock my azur and vernis for spring...I think every bags I have I consider as all year round bags. It depends on how lazy I get to change the's a lot of work LOL

  14. Happy bday!!!!!
  15. Do you guys wear mono in the spring and summer??